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Dragonfly Fantasy Art Video
Using “Prizma Powderz” color acrylic and the “Painting Technique” easily adds lots of color to any of your Nail Designs. And the best canvas…your clients’ nails!
Gisela Marti, my Creative Director, will be how to create this colorful Dragonfly Fantasy Nail Design using “Prizma Powderz” Spring colors.
Have fun,
Tammy Taylor

Tammy Taylor Nail Products used:
Prizma Powderz- Haute Magenta, Turquoise Blue, Light Peach and Silver Chrome
Crystal Clear Competitive Edge Nail Powder
Nail Liquid- Use your favorite TT Nail Liquid
TT Acrylic Brush- Use any of your favorite TT Acrylic Brushes
3D Brush- used for the perfect 3D acrylic applications
White Prizma Dappen Dish- white to know when liquid needs to be changed
Small Crystal Dappen Dish- used for small amount of liquid on 3D designs
Dotting Tool- for specific details in the design
Bold Striper Brush- for small details in the design
Top Gel+- to seal the finished design
Tammy Taylor “Clean- it”- solution used to clean the nail surface once gel has cured
- Keep your Acrylic Brush clean which extends the life of your brush
Tammy Taylor “Wipe Its” – “100% lint không tính phí wipe” (especially for Gels) that leave the nail surface completely clean.
Conditioning Cuticle oil- it will nourish the nail after the service is finished

Step by step directions for “Irish Leprechaun “A nail with a lucky attitude”.
1. Prepare nail properly.
2. Pour your favorite liquid into a White Dappen Dish and form the nail in an oval shape using the Cashmere Prizma.
3. Once the nail is dry file it with an 180Zebra file.
4. Painting Technique- The magic of this technique is keeping your brush extremely wet at all times. Pick up a small size ball of the Turquoise Blue and brush it over the nail in your chosen areas. Do the same with Silver Chrome to achieve a blended two tone background.
5. Dragonfly- With the use of TT 3D brush pick up four medium size balls to create the wings of the Dragonfly. Pull each one in an oval shape. Flatten them until they are smooth. Before they dry take the dotting tool and drill some holes at the end of each wing for decoration. Once the four wings have been completed pick up some tiny balls of the Haute Magenta and paint the inner area of the wings to bring dramatic effects.
Body- To create the body pick up stones of different sizes making the first one the biggest of them, a medium to follow, four small crystals for the tail and two small orange for the eyes and glue with the clear powder.
6. Use the Bold Striper brush and the black paint to outline the wings. You can add some details in some areas of the wings with a silver paint for a little pizazz.
7. Seal around the 3D design with Top Gel+ and cure for 2 minutes under a UV light or 45 seconds under a LED light.
8. Apply enough Clean-It Solution on a Wipe-It towelette to thoroughly clean the entire surface of the nail.
9. To finish, apply Tammy Taylor Conditioning Cuticle Oil to nourish the nail. –

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  2. Beautiful design, and clearly explained. I love the colors you chose??? You really filled the nail with artwork beautifully.??

  3. Was great meeting you and being taught by you durring the 3D art class. Can't wait to apply all I learned to my clients. Saludos xoxo

  4. looove this!! and those colors r amazing!!

  5. Can u do a tutorial of your nails. They are beautiful

  6. Fantastic, I not speak english, you are the best