? Make Money Online with Canva Templates! Make Money Fast Selling Digital Products

A great way to make money online UK is to sell digital products. This is why selling Canva templates on platforms like Etsy is a great way to make money online fast. In this video one of the most popular passive income ideas by selling Canva templates on Etsy. This is a step by step beginners guide tutorial on how to create templates on Canva and then sell them on Etsy.



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00:00 Intro
05:04 How This Business Model Works
07:36 Etsy Example
14:07 Etsy Keyword Research
18:16 How To Create Instagram Templates
22:45 Product Research Tool Discount
25:26 Outsourcing Instagram Template Creation
29:05 How To Make Even More Money Online
37:02 Outro


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▷ Make Money Online Without A Website:
▷ Print On Demand Tutorial:


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  3. Hi sarwar. Ebay teaches us not to use water marks. Elements such as free shipping in the images?
    Which will lower the search result out side the ebay But i have followed you videos where you teach to do them. Any Thoughts?

  4. This is actually really helpful, thank you!!!

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    Could you recommend me a good tool to import text/images from Aliexpress to ebay please?
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