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In today’s video I show you how to make beautiful and ideas. I included both Dollar Tree fall diys, and those that do not require a Dollar Tree to make. Enjoy!

không lấy phí pumpkin seed printable:

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Amazon Products that I use:
Hot wood glue sticks:
Inkjet Printer:
White spray paint+primer:
12″ painter sticks:
Antique wax:
Vintage paper:
Dremel SM20-03 Saw:
Carbon paper:
Black paint pen:
White chalk marker:
Joint compound:
Spackling paste:
Precision Point glue gun:
Pink glue gun:
Glue sticks:
Elmer’s Glue-All:
Sisal rope:
Circular saw:
Nail gun:
Succulents (16 pk):
White craft paper roll:
Minwax polyacrylic matte:
Odorless water based stain:
Jute rope:
Flat big paint brushes:
Silicone hot glue mini spatula:
Prismacolor color pencils:
Crackle Medium:
Buffalo check 2.5″ ribbon:

Thanks for watching my beautiful friends!

All video footage, new designs and craft projects are my own & may only be used with my permission. None of my videos are sponsored unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own, I am not a professional. Whenever you do any diy project, all health and safety precautions should be taken to avoid serious injury. This video is not intended for children.

(I’m an Amazon affiliate. I really appreciated your love and support ???)

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  1. Great projects. Love the leather pumpkin.

  2. Spray your printable with hair spray to keep they ink from running

  3. Girly all of these projects are beautiful, my favorites are the plate/pumpkin decal, the 3 pumpkins with the cardboard very clever, and the pumpkin dice, just gorgeous work tfs. Big Thumbs Up ???

  4. As always…Love them all! The little floral thing you were picking apart…that a candle sets in the center,is called a candle ring. And I also like the fall blocks with the F -A on top. I wonder if that is because we learn to read from left to right?

  5. This video was soooo cute, loved it. Thank you for sharing:)

  6. I've also heard you can use hairspray on printables to avoid smearing.

  7. Love all of these projects but, the leather pumpkin ? is the bomb., ?♥️?☺️?♥️?

  8. Just love showing the use of cardboard to make those signs. Not every little town has dollar tree but lots of cardboard around these days. The Fall sign is really cute as well.

  9. Holly, you never disappoint!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. I use glue stick had no problem with it.

  11. Adorable projects Holly! Seriously awesome! I hope you are doing well my friend! ??

  12. Really nice Fall crafts! My favorite project was the cardboard pumpkins. TYFS

  13. Thanks for dazzling fall DIYs. My favorite is the cardboard pumpkins

  14. I also prefer the “L’s” on the bottom. In English (as well a many other European languages) we begin reading a page from the upper left corner and continuing down the page reading left to right. Thus your setup feels more “natural”.

  15. Oh how I love these crafts. You're fall crafts are a welcome sight! I love all of them all though!

  16. Hi Holly, I’ve noticed you talk and compare paint coverages in some of your videos, I’m curious have you used Gesso on any projects before painting? I believe gesso has a glue in it but contains calcium carbonate like chalk paint does. But it is used in art as a “primer”. Walmart sells a decent sized bottle for like 8$ or something by the art supplies. Also I’ve noticed one of my Walmart’s in my area has a new brand of chalk paint in place of Waverly but others are still stocked with Waverly. All these projects are beautiful, I love your channel you share some really great content thank you!

  17. Absolutely stunning. I always say how talented you are. You're just sooooo gifted. Love them ALL.

  18. I don't think are the stopping making Waverley paint is what I have heard

  19. ❤️❤️❤️❤️??????

  20. Your cardboard pumpkins are AMAZING! Thanks for sharing!

  21. For keeping printer ink from smearing, wait 10 – 15 minutes and spray with hairspray (the cheap stuff is great). Then use your mod podge and continue with your project. Credit to Heidi Somboul.

  22. Like the fa on the top! Really cute!

  23. You do amazing things with cardboard????

  24. Love all things Fall, love last diy, so unique, tfs,love from Tn

  25. Hey Holly. What adorable crafts!! Oh my so stinking cute. I love to see crafts with cardboard! Those pumpkins turned out great! Easy to store away or toss after the season too. I really can't choose a favorite here. You make it tough!! Love the fall series you do! See ya next time. ????

  26. LOVE them all Holly,! ? ?. Happy Fall ?

  27. Holly loved your crafts as always! My favorite was the 3 pumpkin plaque.

  28. These all were really cute, can't decide which one is my fav!!??

  29. Holly, you knocked it out the park again! I need more pumpkins and it's time to do fall crafts. Thank you for the inspiration!!! Will be creating them all.

  30. Hello Holly everything was great I love those little dice but every project was beautiful as always?????

  31. Holly theses are so beautiful ❤️ . Thank you for sharing. Love the L's on the bottom. Thank you for sharing. Have a beautiful and blessed week.????

  32. These are so beautiful!! They don't even look like crafts, they look like you just bought them somewhere.

  33. Hi Holly. These are so cute! Thank you for the printable ? I made the cut oatmeal box door hanger, so cute! Also got those bowls, and painted them yesterday. Can’t wait to fill them.
    Love that you used cardboard for these pumpkins! Will be making all of these too! Too cute!!!

  34. Love these fall crafts they all Beautiful

  35. Holly, fabulous Fall projects. My favorite is the cardboard pumpkins. I, sometimes, have to use cardboard. TFS

  36. Thank you for the printable, beautiful charger. I love lemon decor

  37. Everything was super cute and think I am going to try the 3 pumpkins, maybe the dice, too!

  38. Because we read left to right, having the F and then the A next to each makes FALL more legible – great project!

  39. Is Fall Already????
    I just got into making Summer Decor?
    Thank you for the heads-up…Love the look and great ideas?

  40. My local Walmart's are not carrying Waverly paints and the other brand is not great at all! ? I sure hope they bring them back! Great projects today Holly! Love the 3 pumpkins made out of cards board. Definitely gonna make my own. Thank you always for your inspiration! ?