?How To Add ⏱ Timestamps To YouTube Videos

Adding timestamps to your YouTube videos makes them easier for people to navigate and use. This is good for both the viewer and you.

It helps you organize your video beforehand so there’s a logical flow, AND it lets the viewer move easily through the video to the section(s) that they need to get to – and THAT provides them with a more enjoyable experience, and increases the chance they’ll watch more.

? Video Sections:
1:11 – in YouTube Studio.
5:20 – How To Use Timestamps with Sermons.

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  1. ?Check out our video on How To ReFrame your videos for Facebook and Instagram. ? . https://youtu.be/CZpxTvg5X_k

  2. Timestamps on the description has blue link, but the chapters aren't there.

  3. I am having problems with this one – I have followed all the correct steps, and it's still not showing? Is this because my video is currently unlisted? Or is this feature not available for small creators?

  4. And here’s my link @Garrett the ASMRtist

  5. But still thanks for the video

  6. You forgot the
    0:00 so it’ll be messed up

  7. I'm extremely new to making YouTube videos. And want to learn how to time stamp. In your video you said, you were in YouTube Studio. Is that something that happens automatically when I go to any video I created and hit edit?
    Or do I need to go to YouTube Studio first and then search for my video's?
    Also, an another video they said, if you start your chapters with 0:00 intro and then continue on with the additional time stamps it will make it so your fast forward button will automatically stop at the different chapters. 🙂

  8. It's not working for me ??

  9. 0:00/34:06 • Intro to Quiz
    0:00 – Intro to Quiz
    2:07 – Canva
    5:25 – Canva Walkthrough
    6:35 – Design Bold
    11:30 – Relay That
    26:12 – End Credits

  10. Thanks for sharing. I'll be adding timestamps to 1 hour + training session. Great tutorial.

  11. Thanks so much. You have helped me. God bless!