10 AMAZING CANVA TEXT EFFECTS To Level Up Your Designs // Canva Tips and Tricks 2021

In this video, you’ll learn 10 CANVA TEXT EFFECTS you can do to make your designs look amazing! Watch this for beginners to learn all the Canva tips and tricks for 2021 and beyond!

Start designing better graphics for your Instagram posts, YouTube Thumbnails, and other social media marketing graphics.

My personal favourite is the “aligned text effect” or boxed text effect.

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00:00 – The 10 Canva text effects you will learn
00:58 – Text Effect #1: Framed
05:25 – Text Effect #2: Highlight
07:12 – Text Effect #3: Drop shadow
09:20 – Text Effect #4: Slanted
09:51 – Text Effect #5: Glitch / TikTok
10:31 – Text Effect #6: Curved text effect
11:00 – Text Effect #7: Hollow
11:29 – Text Effect #8: Solid outline
13:17 – Text Effect #9: Perfect aligned / Boxed text
17:15 – Text Effect #10: Spaced out / Minimalist

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  1. Hi! I have a question. How do you write a superscript or subscript in canva? May I request a tutorial video on this matter, please? Thanks.

  2. Can u make a video, How to create horror image? Thanks for ur amazing tutorial.

  3. Hi on the first example I dont have the view option on my canva, is it just for the pro version?

  4. You are the King of Cavva how-to videos! I revisit your videos frequently. Thank you!!!

  5. How do I have white text with a BLUE neon effect? I can't find where to change the colour of the neon effect separately from the damn main colour of the text. This is driving me nuts….

  6. Very helpful. Thank you.

  7. What A Great Tutorial!! But I cannot find the "MINIMALIST" font (Brandon Grotesq…). Where can I get that font? Thank You!!

  8. Great tutorial!

  9. There's a far simpler way to achieve the solid outline effect:

    1. Just write your text in the outline colour.
    2. Apply the Splice effect to the text.
    3. Set the Offset of the Splice effect to zero.
    4. Set the inner colour of your text to whatever you want.

  10. Loved this video! Just started using Canva, and I can't believe how easy these were. Came for the curved text but will use most of these for sure!

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  18. Which size you created didn't told i tried it but couldn't on mobile …

  19. 14:39 May I know how to make ruler appear? Because my Canva doesn't display the ruler ? thank you

  20. is it possible to get Japanese text on this thing?? preferably with the free version

  21. When using the frame of rectangular , it hides the sentence. Can someone elaborate it?

  22. THANK YOU!! So much good information here for a beginer!

  23. Hi! Great video! How do you become a Canva Certified Creative?

  24. How we single space??!!

  25. Thank you so much for sharing this. Is the alphabet effect only available on the pro version?

  26. Learned a lot from this video. Was hesitant to use Canvas for my designs but feel so much more confident now.

  27. THANK. YOU. I just started working with Canva, and I have been trying to figure out how to approximate an outline for text. The jerry-rigged solutions I found elsewhere were time consuming, and the end results didn't look that great. Your way is MUCH simpler and more efficient. Bless you!