10 x NEW GarageBand iOS Sound Packs?!

A NEW has just dropped including 10 new sound library packs, including 2 brand new remix projects and 8 packs full of loops, keyboard patches and drums sounds.
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⏰ Time Stamps:
00:00 10 NEW sound packs?
01:59 How to download new sound packs
02:58 Apple Loops
05:20 Beats & Drum Kits
07:02 Keyboard sounds
08:38 Audio Recorder presets
11:18 Live Loops
12:23 Remix Sessions

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  1. If you use a bunch of apple loops together and someone else use said sample is that then copyright I’m so confused how else are we suppose to make them our own or make tracks containing them without copyrighting

  2. When I hit play on this vid my mind is going "pls have a metal pack, pls have a metal pack" ad nauseum.???

  3. I’m so happy with the Tom misch pack that’s the type of music I’ve been trying to make for ages and my guitar plug in is so bad so this is amazing

  4. I don’t get the copyright files/sounds.. what’s the point if you can’t use them?

  5. I would be spending all week just listening to every single one of those loops Lol!

  6. Well done, Pete. GB remains a great tool.

  7. Idk if it’s just me or not but it seems like they changed all of the sounds from the modern 808 kit for some reason. It’s all just distorted sounds and I hate them. I like all the other stuff and the new packs but why change the sound of the modern 808 kit? I loved that one

  8. Wow a big update! Hadn’t spent much time with live loops, but just played around with the Lady Gaga remix project and had a lot of fun. Giving me some ideas of using loops to remix some original music.

  9. Have already down loaded but didn't tryied yet… Good to know from these tips.

  10. I updated my iPad and I’m not seeing this new stuff in my sound library…what am I doing wrong?

  11. Amazing update, but I doubt I will download Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga. Maybe I use some of their loops in a song by mistake so I skip that. But an amazing update!

  12. This is one of the more cool things Apple has done with GarageBand

  13. Nice overview of so many new sounds and material to work/play with, it’s almost overwhelming but, no complaints here…I can hardly wait to dive in! ??

  14. I'm gonna check this out later. Pretty cool stuff Pete.

  15. Yeahh Apple Loops is a good stuff to jamm with, are those loops are copyrighted ?

  16. Hey Pete. Are we allowed to use music from these packs on our YT videos? Cheers mate.

  17. Thanks Pete. It might sound negative, but it looks to me like a lot of useless marketing gimmick that will load up your iPad’s memory, make you spend hours to explore these 10 packs instead of making your own music. GB is already loaded with sounds,loops and what have you. IMHO, the more gizmos you have, the more you spend time in useless noodling… my 2ç…

  18. Yassss!! Thanks for this Pete!

  19. Great video as always Pete! So funny. I was looking at this last night and thinking “I’m sure Pete plans to do a video on these” and ?! Here is the first of many I’m sure. Really cool edition to the Sound Library. A real step up from the usual. I think you said it best. Just another example of how you can create top notch music in GB.

  20. This is gonna take a long time to explore, and I love it

  21. Are the new Packs royalty free do you know? The remixes state they are for personal use only but the packs dont mention wether you can use them royalty free?

  22. Nice! I like where they are going with the series.

  23. Some cool stuff in this update

  24. I believe the most important thing about these packs is that it proves that Apple is still committed to GB and want to take it further. A very encouraging sign !

  25. Reverse crash and reverse kick drum sounds good..in the beat sequencer

  26. Fantastic sound-packs. Will definitely be exploring these!

  27. No master channel then! Don’t think I’ll bother?

  28. Having fun with all those new sounds.

  29. It's going to take a long time to work through these!

  30. The mini videos actually teach u how to remix for the dua lipa and lady gaga loops and the others are just producer videos u see in the today at apple sessions…..