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Học Toán – Tiếng Việt lớp 1 và lớp 2 trên HTV Key | TRAILER

Học Toán – Tiếng Việt lớp 1 và lớp 2 trên HTV Key | TRAILER …


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  2. can any of thisbe done on FREE canva?

  3. you guys are amazing ❤

  4. Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  5. great, thanks for the tutorial. I'd love canva as well

  6. You are amazing and make me realize that I can do so much! Thanks a million!?

  7. Im having wayy too much fun with duotone

  8. I have android pro version of canva.. But this effects not showing up.. Only desktop canva website showing it.. Anyone know what should i do?

  9. Great video! What app do you use to make this video. I can't find an app that can be used for screen recording of my canva presentation with camera view of myself. I have a chrome book.

  10. Oh wow. The last one with the sections of colours was amazing. Thank you, as always!

  11. Thanks, Diana! Shout out to you and the good guy, Ronny.

  12. Just when I think I have “canva skills” – I’m so happy to find this channel as wow! Such value to help us become so much better with canva! Thanks

  13. Can I use Canva free account for my business purposes

  14. I dig drive for free but not much profitable because i am not using pro i see all video but not available to much free in your playist and what you sharing on skill share please share here so everyone who was your subscriber can acccess this ????

  15. How can this channel not have millions of subscribers? People are missing out so many amazing things. Love you all. Loving the canva pro❤

  16. So smart and creative! Definitely going to make one of these!!

  17. Hi….do you have a tutorial on how to add a virtual background on a youtube video using canva? Thanks?

  18. Amazing video mam ?? just loved your tutorial really helped me in creating creative designs ?

  19. Saludos desde Argentina. Soy usuario de CANVA. Los felicito por todas las nuevas actualizaciones que vienen haciendo.

  20. Thank you for sharing this. It was helpful

  21. Great video always informative???