5 Easy Ways To Be More Attractive TODAY Over 40 & 50

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  2. Where is the best place to find nice casual shoes & dress shoes that look great with jeans, casual pants and dress pants?

  3. Nice video great tips to live by

  4. ' Faces all over the place '
    Made me smile ?

  5. Same old message just a different title for the video!! Time to get new content, like listening to a skipping record!!!

  6. you for real………wow

  7. The advice i would throw in is when you look at some one esp women, don't stare to long, it gets creepy for a lot of people, 2 seconds, then rest it for 8-10 seconds, unless of course your having a DM. And smile…

  8. I like this shirt you have on

  9. Love Your Videos! Quick question: You had a collar-stay sponsor on one of you videos, and I would like to buy one, but I forgot to write it down and now I can remember the video. Any chance you can post a link? Thanks

  10. When you go shopping for clothes can you 'check your fit' by your self or you go with a friend who spots for you? Love the content.

  11. The number one way to look good is to be fit loose the moobs and belly.

  12. To be more attractive? I would think? You need more money. It's just a guess on my part.

  13. Great advice John, thanks

  14. Yet another great video John! I'm a plus size man (289 Lbs), at least that's what I started at when I first came across your YouTube page. After getting back to physical activity 4 days a week in the form of hiking the mountains in the local back country, and cross training on the streets of Escondido, I've been able to shave off 16 Lbs in the last month alone. And there's more coming off every week. So with that, and closely following your advice, I've literally gone through an amazing transformation. I'm not only looking and feeling better, but dressing better and even changed up my hair style. I've been getting compliments not only from my coworkers, but friends and family too. And here's the best part of it…I'm now dating a very beautiful woman 10 years younger than myself. Thank you for providing such great advice and motivation!

  15. This video was really good. I really really liked the T-shirt you were wearing ? I am never comfortable wearing and I don’t wear kind of shoes like loafer n sneakers…I don’t follow even follow trends just like to wear my own comfortable n classy stuff…Moreover I’m an average height guy, seeing this video I am more confident for what all I wear? Thank you?

  16. I have been donating all my "frumpy, ill-fitting" clothes and like you, I'm not afraid to put on clothes gentlemen younger than myself wear (when I can pull it off). Well fitting clothing and decent grooming is a compliment magnet for sure.

  17. Hi John, have you made a video on dress shirt sleeve length? If not, I'd like one. thanks

  18. I play guitar. That's all I need. Lol

  19. 1:10 But if you're going for the London gangster look…

  20. Lame…. 4 minutes in you find its an advertisement…
    The channel used to be good – but of recent, he is doing this more and more.

  21. And don't forget a signature scent!

  22. I try to follow all these. I know when I started wearing less loose fitting clothes it made a big difference! Also grooming and skin care are a must!

  23. I get ‘Bulldog’ skin care from Sainsbury’s. M.

  24. I have been following your great advice for months now. This morning a coworker called me "dapper". I'm pretty sure that was a compliment. All thanks to you John.

  25. Great manners and kindness is, in my opinion, very attractive. A man can be drop dead gorgeous, but if he has poor manners… it’s a waste of good looks.

  26. Yet another great video John, thank you. I'm getting compliments after following your great advice.

  27. Hitting the gym is definitely the best long term advice. But once you've made the decision to drop the weight and keep it off (and if you've been dropping a lot of it or still have to a lot more to go) you might want to put a pause on some of the clothing tips until you settle down to one consistent size. It gets pretty expensive to keep buying/tailoring sportscoats & pants that fit right every time you drop another 10-15lbs. Maybe start with some of the other great tips first.

  28. 0:40 Clothes that fit your body, go one size down
    1:50 Complementary colors
    2:33 Keep up on grooming
    3:20 Face / skin care
    5:00 Engage with people
    5:55 Footwear, specific to the situation

  29. I've mentioned this before but the short stubble-beard with a bit of 'salt and pepper' like Johns is good. I speak from experience!

  30. Yeah but!! the loose fitting suit makes him look like gangster ?

  31. Going to the gym doesn’t make you more handsome. It just increases your sex appeal. Which to me is two different things. There are plenty of guys who go to the gym and have great bodies but aren’t attractive. They’re only attractive from the neck down. And if it wasn’t for their bodies they wouldn’t be getting any attention at all. But handsome men are attractive overall. They have the looks. The style. The charisma. And they don’t have to just rely on their body for attention

  32. Great topic & suggestions. Great job my friend

  33. As always…. good sound advise….
    Especially, as we have been in lockdown for over a year and a half.(depending where you live)

  34. Where's the link to the color wheel and brown on brown video please?

  35. All good points. Especially the grooming. I think simply paying attention and having a grooming routine has made the most difference for me.

  36. A word of warning!
    I have been following John's advice and certainly get a lot more attention now.
    But when a stunningly beautiful Spanish girl aged about 30 came up and told me how handsome I was, and how I made her feel….I panicked!
    I almost looked over my shoulder to make sure she was talking to me.
    I said thank you, you are very attractive but you do realise that I am 68…..that sobered her up!
    Need a lot more advice yet John. 🙂

  37. The skin care routine is also very important at our age, the sun really damages the skin quickly. Thanks John for another great video.

  38. Hello John, how are you? You are the Man! Always great advice! Thank you and stay safe brother!

  39. In order to be "MORE" handsome, we need to be "SOMEWHAT handsome", first. I will start from there! LOL

  40. Nice one John. I like the Polo….where is that from please? ?