5 TIPS for adding DETAILs to your ART and DESIGN

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  1. It's easy for me to get overwhelmed with all the details, approaching it this way seems more organized and less intimidating

  2. Thank you. It's really helpful.

  3. Thanks , this is really helpful. I would like to learn more about edges treatment when trying to finish off a painting. I will check if there is already some info in this channel

  4. Thank yoy very much! This was really helpful 🙂

  5. Tyler are you from Boston or Canada? I'm guessing Canada.

  6. The first point was super helpful, thank you for sharing it! I'd love if you made more of these videos!

  7. Thank you for your video. Especially took in minimap advice – already tried it out and it helps a lot and makes thinking process more constructive!

  8. Gonna use this with the next illustration of my project. I often get lost when it comes to what I should put in a scene and where.

  9. Great examples. I actually really love the "unfinished medium detail" pieces. Sometimes I prefer them to the fully detailed versions and other times I prefer the finished fully detailed ones, seems to vary based on my mood. You really highlighted the reason why art often looks better than reality. Reality is too detailed everywhere not enough "rest areas" for the eyes! LOL. I definatly will save this one to watch again and take notes from later!

  10. The overlong intro shooing away about 90% of potential viewers. Any intro always need to be shorter than 5s. Art education is already have very small audience base on YouTube so you might want to shorten the intro.

  11. Great information! I find your approach really helpful and in the most cases it works for me too on environments, but I find it hard to apply to character designs, even if the method of thinking over in advance can be applied similarly. Maybe it's cuz I'm focusing on utilitarian part more and less on storytelling, idk. Anyway, thank you for the video, really precious gem of knowledge!

  12. Oh god I've always struggled to draw detailed artworks, and I love very detailed artworks, so I always wanted to improve my art by adding details in my drawings ! I needed this video sooo much, how can I thank you ?? Keep up the great work you're an amazing artist ! 🙂 (sorry for my bad english)