5 Tips to Design like an Architect

In this we take a step back and give 5 tips on how to design like an Architect.

These tips are ideal for anyone who’s working on architectural projects but doesn’t have experience with school AND real-world experience.


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  1. This video is a little different than what we've been doing on the channel in the past. Did you enjoy it?

  2. I'm actually watching this because I'm not satisfied enough with how my palace in minecraft looks

  3. Architecture is really something big, and I am still having trouble with the creativity

  4. সিভিল ইঞ্জিনিয়ার পড়ছি আমার জন্য আন্তরিকভাবে দোয়া করবেন যাতে আমি সারাবিশ্বে ফার্স্ট ক্লাস ফার্স্ট বিশ্বসেরা বিশ্বমানের সিভিল ইঞ্জিনিয়ার হতে পারি বা হতে চাই ইনশাআল্লাহ।আমৃত্যু এই মহাবিশ্বের ফার্স্ট ক্লাস ফার্স্ট ক্লাস ফার্স্ট আধ্যাত্তিক সিভিল ব্যারিষ্টার হতে চাই ইনশাআল্লাহ অনেক অনেক অনেক অনেক অনেক চিরস্থায়ী ভাবে আশির্বাদ করবেন ইনশাআল্লাহ।to

  5. That crazy building, I can see some bucklings in some columns and walls. Not surprised on something with an unknown centre of gravity.

  6. The first one looks messy

  7. Great, it was really helpful and informative!

  8. Awesome video !! thanks for sharing your knowledge

  9. hi .. architectural design has always been and will always be subjective – there is never wrong or right, just a matter of appropriate or not – even that is subjective. It is all about justification of design.
    eg: the first example of the Tel Aviv apartment – a lot of negative outlook but we need to get to the source of the design – the owner and the architect – we can't simply judge. There's always motive behind it all – maybe the owner wanted a provoking architecture – who knows.
    Anyway, to the author of this video, tQ for your time and effort, architectural design is very personal and we should not impose our views too much on the works of others. At least it has been built.

  10. you have well trained eye

  11. Took seconds to realize i suck at drawing i give up fellas bye

  12. that first building just looked like a hot mess to me! Maybe I am a Latent Architect lol

  13. 9:40 I think the building is too flat. I would add something like tiles sticking out around the windows.

  14. 7:16 In my builds (minecraft) I try to avoid these corners so i make an overhang like in the picture but long.

  15. I believe that the crazy building with all the angles that you first feature is in Tel-Aviv, Israel by the sea promenade.

  16. Great work first of all . It will be our pleasure if we can be a part of your creativity . Please visit our store http://www.peelorange.com

  17. me:" what mic does he use? "

    desc:" oH i uSE tHE GJghjGjkgjHGjG. "

  18. Thank you Sir ??

  19. The basket building is a cool idea, but it's boring to me.

  20. Why does the first one looks like when a kid makes lego houses xd

  21. "McMansions" equal "lack of taste". Worse is when they're crammed into a lot where there's barely two feet of grass on the perimeter (like a hipster beard) in an area of homes of "normal" sized homes.

  22. Like Coca-Cola company built one giant bottle as their headquarter, that just doesn't feel right

  23. The build was really ugly to be honest also nothing makes sensai to the build

  24. Thanks so much for the video!
    Btw, this house from the first picture is in Israel 🙂 the one with that aliens ship.

  25. Sir, I request to prepare a video about creating 2D Plan for a House only Ground Floor,
    I need to know why the maximum Architects when giving Training in AutoCAD do not Talk about levels or even Never draw levels before drafting plans in AutoCAD. Is it right or wrong? I am a Learning Draftsman loving Architecture. Please make a video for me and for other Beginner Level's People like me to understand Basic drafting and levels. Mohammad Bilal

  26. is this going to help on making a game?
    i have a problem designing a building

  27. The Seattle Public Library building is designed as pile of books ?

  28. you would love r/crappy design

  29. Hello sir. I did my engg graduation in automobiles, but my passion changed significantly and I turned self motivated architect, presently I am working as building designer in my town, Your video told me a lot about you, actually I also stick to the things like Alignment, Symmetry, Functionality, Asthetics & purpose both in my drawings as well as on the site visit… I appreciate your video and would like to share things with you at [email protected]outlook.com / [email protected]gmail.com

  30. Please make more of this, love it!

  31. What utter tosh this video is – Architecture by virtue of its title means more than building. There are no rules, and, if there are rules – then break them. Art happens, and, the best art is no art. This video sanitizes design – if this guy was in my Architectural design class, then I would get rid of him as such 'personal' opinions are narrow-minded lacking inspiration/evolution towards the unknown. There is no need to place constraints on design by worrying about what the building/design looks like – all this idiotic 'form follows function' is nonsense. Anything goes in design and especially in Architecture. If one has discipline to focus and find one's inner-self and harness that energy and emotion, then design flows which can be evolved/developed. But please remember – there are no fucking rules!
    I'm off to find an Air-Sick bag after watching this shite.