7 công việc hài lòng nhất cho người lao động lớn tuổi

If you’re older and looking for a job that is personally meaningful, flexible, intellectually stimulating, sociable, and age-inclusive you’ll want to watch ‘’. In this episode we outline jobs that could be a good fit whether you want a second-act career or if you are just looking to make some extra cash.

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  1. Why not start an online business? I teach people in our age group to grow online businesses based on their hard-earned expertise. It's a great income source for older, smart, experienced people because it's super flexible.

    You can still keep your personal appointments, visit family, travel, and take days off as needed. You're in complete control, unlike a job where someone else is setting your schedule.

    If you have expertise and want to help customers all over the world, it's a great option for people in our age group.

  2. a great place to find out about how a company treats its workers is glassdoor.com. hope this helps!

  3. Hi. Could you do a video on the best work for retirees? Ins and outs pros and cons etc?