$800+ SALES WEEKEND!!! Ship With Me & See WHAT SOLD On Poshmark (+ new business plans)

I had over $800 in sales this past weekend!!! Come see what sold for me as a part time reseller on Poshmark and Mercari + see our crazy cats and learn about my new business plans!!!

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  1. Should I include mystery boxes as a part of my new business plan?! ??

  2. I just love your cat ❤️? ??
    Loving the changes you’re making too! Work smarter not harder! Thanks for the shoutout. ??

  3. Do you offer free shipping on Ebay? I'm not sure if I should or not.

  4. Aww the kitty totally thought you were talking to him. So cute!

  5. where did you purchase your free people liquidation box? i’d love to try it out i’ve never done liquidation before! 🙂

  6. Love hearing how you are going to change up your business with going TINY! I need to start implementing some of these tactics into my business right now. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment and rent a small 6X2 ft closet in the building for $50 and keep everything there—I hate paying that every month LOL! As most of us are, I am addicted to thrifting and keep growing my business but am running out of room! I do need to hop on FLYP sooner rather than later and take a bunch of inventory to BTS stores–maybe even run a sale on Poshmark too! So much to do, so many options so Thank You for sharing with us!

  7. Can you do a breakdown video of how to source for BST stores??

  8. Yes please!! I’d totally buy a mystery box from you!! ? also! Please do another reseller work with me with the girls again! Y’all kee me company as I list ??

  9. Is flyp good for selling bundles to resellers?