Amazon KDP Publishing Tutorial Make $300 Per Day Easy Side Hustle

In this step-by-step tutorial, I’m going to show you How to Make No Content Books FAST and không lấy phí to Start Your Amazon Business. This is the EASIEST . This is how you make money trực tuyến selling low-content books on Amazon KDP with NO writing experience required.

You create books in minutes using Canva and can sell 100’s every month for a passive income source. You can do this worldwide with no experience at any age.

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không lấy phí Webinar to Sell on Amazon:
không lấy phí Journal Template:

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0:00​ How To Make Money With Amazon KDP
0:31 How Much Money Can You Make?
2:30 What is Amazon KDP?
3:00 What Products Can You Sell?
3:35 3 Niche Products To Make Money Selling
4:00 How To Make Journal Cover on Canva
4:20 không lấy phí Site For Product Dimensions
5:31​ Custom Dimensions for 6×9 Journal
8:25 ​Making Interior Pages
10:07 How To Merge Pages
10:21 Uploading Product to KDP
11:30 Amazon Keywords VERY IMPORTANT
11:52 không lấy phí Research Tools for Keywords
12:30 How To Get a không lấy phí ISBN
13:30 How Selling On Amazon Can Change Your Life

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  1. Funnyarti on Creative Fabrica has most incredible niches and kdp coloring book Thank you for another great video

  2. ? I've been selling on Amazon for five years too but to the tune of $32k. Congrats on your 4.5mil!! Wow I'm trying to get here sooner rather than later! This recently divorced mom (living in low-income transitional housing) is ready to upgrade!

  3. Could someone put the exact sizes needed for the cover and interior pages? I did exactly as the tutorial said but the journal has small adjustment errors and isn't accepted by Amazon kdp.

  4. Love your info you amazing

  5. How much should someone sell a Journal? Is payment based on buying the design or is it based on how many people buy it?

  6. What did you put for trim size?

  7. Hi, what category do i choose for calendars and journal?

  8. When merging the 120 pages I noticed they pop up as one sided ? How do you make them two sided ?

  9. How do u get paid tho?

  10. I’m 19 and I’ve been trying for a year now to find a successful side income. I currently work at my grandpas small business which he plans on handing to me, I work every day except for Sunday from 9-6 and have been spending my nights from 6-11 dropshipping, stocks, etc. trying to make my side hustles successful. I’m going to keep trying dropshipping for another month but if it still doesn’t succeed I’ll give some of your tips a try. Thinking of trying this first or going head first into Amazon fba. I’ll keep watching you and I may ask for help from time to time but thank you for being here and helping guide me through this confusing route to success

  11. Hi Morgan I'm a new subbie

  12. Thank you! This was very helpful!! oh and I subscribed.

  13. KDP is definitely a great way to make online income!

  14. I'm now anxiously awaiting approval on my journal for moms who want more! Thanks for this great resource.

  15. After watching your videos on Instagram, I went to canva and designed a daily planner.

  16. Per your request I am going to make a part 2 of uploading your journal to KDP with more details. Comment any specific questions you have. ❤️

  17. Hi Morgan, can you tell us what should we select for publishing rights? 🙂

  18. good video until the end, i think a few details were glossed over. I wouldn't mind a part two with a more in-depth part for the KDP aspect 😀

  19. I just recently became unemployed and have been looking for ways to make a small income here and there and I could not wait to try this! Although, I am having SO MUCH TROUBLE with the sizing for the cover pages and the interior pages. Nothing is working. The sizes in this video are not working. Does anyone know what the sizes should be adjusted to? I love the journal I created and want to share it with everyone 🙁

  20. What would you say a recommended price range should be? What pricing usually sells best?

  21. I might be missing a step, but how to you actually add the pages into the journal cover on canva??

  22. I hope this works! My journal is in process currently. I'll update in the comments if it gets approved!

  23. I was trying for hours… i am having issues with inside pages, it’s saying there’s an error with the bleed but I did everything according to the video. And also not able to donwload the template… not luck for me today 🙁

  24. I Have Gone Through All The Steps
    Could You Tell Me How I would Get PAID???

  25. I need help! I uploaded my journal and pages, but it is telling me that my interior pages are outside the margins, I followed your tutorial to a T. Says I chose 6×9 trim size but my interior file was submitted at 8.5 x 11. How can I fix this?

  26. What should I pick for publish rights?

  27. I have a weird question do they send you stuff for taxes

  28. I just subscribed after watching this and uploaded my first journal, thank you! Now you mentioned other non content books to upload like diabetes food log… what other sizing dimensions can we use to help create other options?

  29. What happened to your Insta??

  30. I'm freaking out. AH! I don't know if your on any other platform. Come back Cajun Ventures!!!!

  31. MORGAN! What happened to your Instagram account? I'm working on my journal and I cannot find your instagram!!!!!!

  32. What material are these journals made of ? The ones that are going to receive the costumers ?

  33. Thank you so much for the explanation!! I'm going to try it and I'll give an uptade here in the comments in a few months 🙂

  34. been seeing so so much about this lately!! i really gotta publish a journal