Animated Google Classroom Header in Canva

Create an for your Google Classroom. Adding movement and animations can draw attention to the header allowing you to leave adiditional information or a quote for your students.

Canva supports animated images and with this becomes the perfect tool to quickly create your own animated files (GIF) you can upload to Google Classroom.

0:00 Intro
0:20 Open Canva
0:30 Create the
0:45 Insert Header Template
1:00 Adding Animations and Movement
2:10 Export the animated Header for Google Classroom
2:35 Select the correct file type
3:00 Open Google Classroom
3:15 Upload you Gif File as Animated Header
3:55 Learn More

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  3. I was always #teamJif but then someone told me the "G" stood for Graphic so now I started saying Gif. Thanks for this video! I've just recently gotten into Canva to help design Therapy cards for people with behavioral learning challenges and I've been using it for my own website design and my mentors website. Glad to know I'm on the right track and that there is even more I can do that I haven't tried yet!

  4. G is for Graphics. How you pronounce Graphics is how you should say GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) … Well that's my opinion anyway ?

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    You change lives

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