Applying a Color Scheme in Interior Design + A COMPLETE GUIDE ON COLOR BASICS.

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This video is all about color basics, what is color theory, how do we use color groups and to our advantage when designing.
Plus some tips and tricks on how to apply colors in the space you are designing

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  1. Thankyou so much ❤️❤️, the last trick is amazing ? superb how you pick a simple picture and did all that from it ✅??❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Amazing lesson on colour. Just bumped into your channel. Already love the content

  3. I like your videos and i find them enlightening esp for an amateur interior designer like me

  4. What program did you use to pick the colors from the oranges photo?

  5. Thank you so much for the energy ?

  6. أحلى فيديو لشرح نظرية الألوان! أحسنت أسيل ?

  7. Aseel, could you make a video showing how you take a color from the picture and put it on the side of the picture to make a color palette. What program is that? Amazing!

  8. I loved the way you made it very simple with the trick of the picture of oranges, today is the day i learnt it after a long search, thanks ???

  9. I will go for Lemon yellow

  10. Wow just wow MashaAllah

  11. aseel thanks a lot i love your videos, i am intrested in interior designing and studying it alone at home.
    what app you used in taking colours from the picture to create the palette coulour ,
    thanks in advance

  12. Aseel you are great, Im not a designer but you make things easy to understand you really inspire me ??

  13. unable to find color psychology downloadable

  14. thank you so much, very helpfull

  15. What program are u using for your palette in which u use the wallpaper? It is awesome!

  16. İam a fan of your neetness and cohesive designs … Good work

  17. At the end of the video which software did u use to design?

  18. Hi,a big thank you for ur videos!!
    Btw what app do u us on ur computer when u were putting together the "clients demand" example?

  19. Hi Aseel .. The video is great and I ve learned a lot of information .. Can I ask what app did you use for your mood board at the end of the video .. Many thanks..

  20. You are very professional and speak very well, thank you!

  21. May I know what is the last application you were using exactly ? I guess it's photoshop, but what version ?

  22. Great video, full of ideas ???

  23. i love your videos i’m currently a nursing student and want to switch over to interior design i am scared because I’m not great at art in the traditional sense i’m not great at free hand drawing but i love to be creative. In your opinion do you need to be good at free hand drawing in order to pursue this career? Thanks

  24. Could you plz tell me..from where I can get color wheel..showing in you video…Plz let me know

  25. It is an Amazing Information for me.. Thank you so much for this video..subscribed..

  26. Wish you were my teacher for Colour theory LOL! Alot of good info..will def be going back to it. Thanks

  27. Welcome back asool. I missed U so much. the content of the vedio is very useful
    Can U tell me where did u learn interior designing ?
    Are your whole journey was self learning?

  28. Hi, I hope you are doing well. I have never wrote a comment on YouTube, because I have never felt the need. This time is different I am writing to you because I really wanted to tell you THANK YOU. I love your videos. I am an Italian architect living a working in Malta as designer and I have already watched all your videos. Thanks for your job. All your video are very very useful. I always watched them because I always learn something new. I wish you all the best for your carrier. Have a great Sunday.

  29. Much required topic. ?.
    I will definitely try to use these methods of choosing colours.
    Can we use colour schemes like triadic, complementary, monochromatic etc. For interior spaces?
    Thank you so much for making this video. I will definitely try to practice these methods. ?
    Always love your work. ?

  30. Thank you Aseel! I think the main thing I learnt from this video was to pick a simple picture as inspiration! The picture I originally chose was of rocks at the bottom of a river which had great reds, purples, blues, greens, and yellows and… that's just too many colours!

  31. Thank you so much for this! Sooooo helpful.

  32. Hello aseel, thanks for a beautiful topic and doing more such videos. I would like to know which software you were using to extract colours from pic. Can you tell me the name of the software


  34. What is your favorite color scheme to use? ? (also sorry for the late video)

  35. I love it when people make things seem so simple yet in reality it is very complicated. I like the last part of the video where the colors were extracted from a well composed photo. Brilliant!!