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  1. Hey Jocelyn, I have a question about the "new zodiac" or the shifting of either the solar system or the constellations.
    Supposedly the date that I was born was originally considered to be and probably still is a Pisces but according to the new dates of the zodiac it would make me an Aquarius and to be honest the energies that I've been experiencing have been similar to the traits of an Aquarius to where I've felt more intellectual and logical rather than emotional like I've always been.
    Is there any truth or evidence supporting the claims of the new zodiac ?

  2. ??? thanks for the vibe lovie.

  3. You explain everything so beautifully and, as you yourself just mentioned, holistically. I have come to understand many terms that meant gibberish to me in the past thanks to your gift of communication. I look forward to more videos that explain these concepts. Not to say I don’t love the tarot readings! I just wait with anticipation for you to get into the micro and the macro. Thank you so much for the knowledge!

  4. thank you for all the information

  5. US sun sign is Cancer-July 1st=home security, food, eating, family are the focus of this country. It's rising sign is Sagittarius and the descendant is Gemini-which explains the black and white thinking and division in their culture.

    With a Sagittarius ascendant, the freedom seeking fire sign hates to be caged and being a fire sign, they are impatient, drawn to war, military, action but Sagittarius also has a religious, spiritual, Educational focus as it's ruled by the 9th house. Sag's also have a
    saviour complex, over optimism, prone to overindulgence and arrogance. The ascendant (rising sign) is how others view us.
    Every one thing born and residing on earth, has a sign, New York is Gemini as is Donald Trump! If Gemini is the US descendant, this makes sense to me!
    Aquarius is the US third house which rules neighbour, siblings, communication. Thoughts Jocelyn? Geographical astrology is fascinating! Test out other countries!

  6. I love this . thank you for this??

  7. Thank You!! Soo Appreciate of Everything you said! … Made everything Crystal Clear. Experienced such w/an Aquarius 2days ago… & a friend of mine is experiencing this play out tonight. So validating & helpful guidance!

  8. That was great… I never realized how all of this tied together with our physical make-up…very interesting.. Thanks for sharing ☺

  9. Thank you..this is good info to know.

  10. How u speak .. I feel pretty similar to u.
    I haven't understood well the bird migratiin. Do u have a good link to watch?

  11. You are so sexy Jocelyn ?

  12. So amazing. Love the in depth explanation of the two sides of Aquarian Rebellion. I've definitely been a fit for both sides at times. I'm a Pisces but also Aquarius in the Babylonian 13 signs astrological chart. All the stuff about the Age of Aquarius has become for me like a roadmap I never had. Since June 2020 I just got sick of having nobody to discuss the things I was discovering all my life, just zero interest in what I find fascinating, and found tarot and just binged. I've learned a ton and I realize it makes it no easier for even tarot readers and astrologers to abide my excitement, but I have to express it because you guys are talking in similar terms. I know that tarot readers and astrologers are going to become the rock stars, leading the perspectives to get people seeing how to love and nurture one another. Blah blah blah, but wow. Thanks so much QQ, your quantum perspectives are just like connecting my neurons on demand every time I listen in.

  13. I just started a new business on Friday, my own tarot channel and it happened after a bonkers week of a huge fight with my mom, and even a weird confrontation at work that I would have never normally engaged in. I wanna blame Mars and this full moon energy but I also wanna celebrate it because I took a big leap forward for myself in following a lightworker path which is definitely a rebellious thing in my family. Thank you for this intuitive guidance. I love your insights.

  14. Josssss! You’re blowing my mind. I am so happy you chose to share all of these insights you’ve been receiving. I’ve been dealing with a lot of heavy energies lately but this has helped me understand why. THANK YOU! ? Sending love.

  15. Wow! Profound. Your mind is completely beautiful. ThankU??

  16. Bloody brilliant! More!

  17. 9 year relationship is over ..libra sun and rising with scorpio venus Sagittarius northnode..yes i was definitely a scapegoat im really blunt Sagittarius moon my family does not like that theyre all earth and water signs.

  18. Nice one thanks for the info and love from the U.K. keep it up ?

  19. Pretty sure the US is Cancer

  20. The protest in Sydney!!