CA EDD Federal Unemployment PEUC PUA 300 Boost Ended FAQ

CA EDD Federal Unemployment PEUC PUA 300 Boost Ended FAQ
Backdate full guide:
End dates explained:

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**How to Contact EDD**
Claimyr is the easiest way to get through to EDD directly and protects you from dropped calls with 10 miễn phí callbacks (affiliate link below saves you $5 on your first call and I receive a commission) the feedback from subscribers has been overwhelmingly positive:

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CONTACT YOUR ASSEMBLY MEMBER who in most cases can help fix your EDD claim:
25 EDD phone numbers to try:
1-3-4 EDD Phone Trick:

0:00 Intro
0:54 Remaining balance/ lump sum?
1:18 Will regular UI continue?
1:51 Can I file a new claim?
2:20 What if I’m still pending?
3:16 What if my backdating hasn’t been processed yet?
3:49 Last date to file a PUA claim retroactively
4:15 Today’s certification is pending or delayed payment
4:52 Fed Ed
5:18 MEUC boost
5:53 Wildfires

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  1. 0:00 Intro
    0:54 Remaining balance/ lump sum?
    1:18 Will regular UI continue?
    1:51 Can I file a new claim?
    2:20 What if I'm still pending?
    3:16 What if my backdating hasn't been processed yet?
    3:49 Last date to file a PUA claim retroactively
    4:15 Today's certification is pending or delayed payment
    4:52 Fed Ed
    5:18 MEUC boost
    5:53 Wildfires
    *How to Contact EDD*
    CONTACT YOUR ASSEMBLY MEMBER who in most cases can help fix your EDD claim:
    Claimyr gets you through to EDD directly and protects you from dropped calls with 10 free callbacks (affiliate link below saves you $5 on your first call)

  2. My claim balance hit $0 on 08/22/2021 I’m on UI I’ve been on that this whole time during the pandemic I was able to certify on 09/05/2021, they gave me a new claim balance and is listed as continue claim- extension

  3. Do you know what a trillion is? A trillion is one thousand billion. You could spend a billion dollars (could you?) and still have $999 billion left. Our government has spent a total of $6.4 trillion or six thousand billion plus an additional four hundred four billion on wars overseas since 9/11. The estimated interest on this borrowed money is another $6 trillion, for a total $12.4 trillion.

    Of this money spent in Iraq and Afghanistan, untold billions were lost to corruption or paying warlords off or buying military equipment. In Iraq, thanks to our tax dollars breaking their country, Western oil companies, such as former VP and CEO Dick Cheney's company, Haliburton, have reaped hundreds and hundreds of billions in oil contracts. The profits go to the shareholders and the U.S. taxpayer is left paying off the bill for the War. The families of the dead have only memories and ashes if they're lucky.

    $250 billion in Unemployment is what the federal government spent. TOTAL. Those of us economically tossed upside down by the pandemic and the incompetence of the government (estimated 40% of deaths, or approx. 250,000 deaths, were preventable) Hopefully, we were able to keep a roof overhead, food on the table, or you or a loved one could stay home safe from Covid exposure. Now it is gone. Hopefully, you have made a transition and will be safe.

    For those facing eviction, the loss of security with the end of the program, or worse. To those who were never able to qualify or were evicted, remember if they took what we received out of what they spend overseas, they still would have sent and spent 12,400,000,000.- 250,000,000, they still would 12,150,00.270,000. That is our money taken through taxes and when we need it, they hand us back pennies and cut us off in desperate times.

    It is our fault, we elect the bastards. We don't demand better. So, count your pennies while oil executives send their children to expensive schools on our dime, and Afghan warlords vacation, and our leaders tell us to get a job at 7.25 an our. In 1980, that would have been $2.20 an hour. The actual minimum wage back then was $3.30, or $10.27. Think about that. The revolution needs to happen. It will not be televised, but it will def. be on YouTubes.

  4. Hi Ginny i certified on Sept 5, 2021 by mistake did i just screw myself

  5. Hi, Ginny. Just wondering why EDD allowed me to certify for my weeks ending 8-7 and 8-14, as of today 9-6; but shortly afterwards was not able to certify for the remaining 3 weeks ending 9-4. Instead, I got the same message(also seen when I was doing certifications for weeks ending 8-7 and 8-14) stating my claim expired 9-4 and that I may or may not have to file a new claim(depending on earnings past 18 months). But absent was the message "you have weeks to certify" and the green "certify" tab.

    Thank you for all that you helped with!

  6. Thanks for all the help ginny now is time to say goodbye and everyone else get back to work ?

  7. If I started out as regular UI when I went on EDD in 9/2020 and now I am on tier 2 augmentation will I still be able to collect?

  8. Do you think if I call EDD & ask for help getting me on a new claim BCS I’m still unemployed (I was laid off) & I have only been paid since august, that they could get bypass my benefit year end? & I could get regular UI?

  9. You’re such a class act, Ginny! Thank you so much for helping us all get through the EDD. You were my only source of reliable & factual information since day one. You’re such a professional, very detailed & organized and an amazing communicator. Looking forward to sticking around for future videos. Thanks again! ☺️

  10. Was skipped from February to March this year on PUA… Was not given chance to certify…
    Could I still get those weeks?

  11. So signing your "petition" did NOTHING except bring attention to YOUR name & YOUR channel?
    Way to self promote while rasing false hopes.

  12. I'm regular UI. I didn't certify on the 4th but the week after I do which is on the 12th . Will I get one week of the extra 300 for the week ending on the 4th and then the week after I just get my regular benefits with no extra 300?

  13. Hey Ginny.
    I have a question. After applying, how much we have to wait in order to do the backdate ?
    Thank you for your amazing help

  14. Hi Ginny. Thank you for your videos – they are very informative. I was wondering, where I can find the guidelines that are used by EDD for issuing extensions (PEUC, etc.)? EDD did something really weird to me. I lost my job in May 2020, and was issued an extension on my regular UI claim (weekly benefit $206), which had been filed 7/2019 and exhausted at the end of December 2019. Then in July 2020 that claim expired, so I filed a new claim and the benefit was $351/week. Benefits were exhausted 12/26/2020, and they issued me an extension. Then, on 3/27/2021, the initial extension on this claim expired, and they filed another extension, but they reverted to using the benefit amount from my old claim filed 7/2019 ($206/wk). They said that it was done this way because I still had benefits on the 7/2019 claim because the Federal Extensions started in 3/2020, but I was still working then (I got laid off 5/12/2020, so I had unclaimed benefits available from 3/2020 to 5/12/2020). This extension only lasted about 6 weeks (3/28/21 – 5/8/21), and they stopped paying. Then the weird part started.

    I tried for weeks to call EDD and couldn't get through – then I found one of your videos on YouTube. Thanks to your videos I contacted my Assemblyman's office to request another extension, but when the EDD Rep finally called me, he said that he requested an extension for me, but the benefit would still be based on the 7/2019 claim ($206/wk vs. $351/wk) – something about "…a PEUC Extension can only be granted on one claim". I asked him to explain it, twice, and I still didn't understand, but by this point I had gone for 3 months without any income so I didn't push the issue further (something is better than nothing!). I feel like I've been cheated out of almost $150 per week since late March (which adds up to $1000's), and I was wondering if you know where I can read the rules.

    Thank you, and I'm sorry for such a long question.

  15. So my claim is done and it says file a new one but I know in your video it says I should still get my backdate should I open a new claim or should I jus wait if you could answer that would be very grateful thank you

  16. So what about backpay/ backdate is that still available?

  17. Ginny Will regular UI continue getting the 300 boost?
    Thank you for your time

  18. ty for explaining everything and all of your work were pending now hopefully they will hurry up dont want to lose 10,000

  19. thief stole my last payment this morning at 7 am report to b o a fraud department already

  20. I want to say thank you for keeping us updated since day one I will never forget you ?
    now let me look for a job 🙂

  21. Thank you so much for the help.

  22. What ever happened to edd refunding all the taxes they took out when they were not supposed to
    This whole pandemic since March 2020 they have taken out taxes from me

  23. Best time to get vaccinated and land a good paying job people. Let's make America great again

  24. Should I certify this week for the weeks of August 22nd through September 4th? Or will it not be paid out even though it’s before the say it ended.

  25. Hi ginny did you get a response from California government office about the petition?

  26. I’m Tier 2, been pending since 7/10 with 1 Paid then months of Pending… September 30th it will be processed “Paid” correct?

  27. Can I I apply for new claim?

  28. Is anyone pending for their last payment??

  29. Ginny The Silver Fox you are a superhero. Thank you for everything. All your wonderful and detailed instructions and info was immensely helpful over these past several months. Have a wonderful Monday.

  30. Thank you Ginny for all you did to help us with EDD there's a special place in our hearts for you may God bless you we couldn't have gone through this without you ❤ ?

  31. whats lame is that the 4th was the last day of the second week for the two week filing …. I guess they just decided to eliminate that whole week … I only fillied out a claim form for 1 week and that was that

  32. Thank you Ginny for all your advice over these last few months ..I will continue to pop in and watch your content . ❤️

  33. I appreciate you so much

  34. I certified Sept. 5th and my payments for sept.4 are pending ? Will I get paid ginny?????

  35. Thank you for everything you have done for me the pass 14 months. All the information, I am now back at work full time praise God. My assembly person helped me get what was owed to me and now it is time for me to move on. You are a godsend. Please continue to help when you can this is truly your calling. Once again thank you.

  36. Your efforts are greatly appreciated

  37. Hey Ginny will edd automatically refile your claim if PEUC ends and not enough wages were made??

  38. If I certify today will I get my money or not???

  39. I'm regular UI. I didn't certify on the 4th but the week after I do which is on the 12th . Will I get one week of the extra 300 for the week ending on the 4th and then the week after I just get my regular benefits with no extra 300?

  40. Ginny thank you for always giving everyone the latest information but please please can you champion your influence and ask EDD to expedite pending payments if over paid they can always follow up and collect.

  41. Thank you for all your help and info Ginny ! We couldn’t have got through this without you ! ???????

  42. Thank you for everything that you have done to all of us. I guess the reality kicked in now. Anyway, have no choice but to get a job.A lot of jobs needed employees without experience.It might not be the one the you like because of the money that you will be getting paid but it’s better than to wait for a hand out that you don’t know if it’s going to happen.I’m pretty sure those with children already on food stamp. I think it’s time to get out there to look for a job.

  43. Thank you Ginny. You educated to many people. God bless you always.

  44. Appreciate you Ginny for all the help through these times of stress and anxiety❤️

  45. Hi Ginny! I finally got an email from edd about my backdate request, however they said that the information provided didn't match their records… I think it could be because of entering my phone number in the backdate request despite not having a phone number on file with them… Could this be the reason, and so can I leave the phone number part of the backdate request blank?

    And if edd autocompleted my zip code with 9 numbers instead of the usual 5 for my mailing address, do I use the 9 digits?

    And do they want me to send a new backdate request like normal, or how do I correct this information. Thanks in advance

  46. I would like to say THANK YOU for everything you have done for all of us.
    Thank you for guiding and helping us while we were having issues with EDD.
    Wish you best of the best to you and to your family!
    Thank You Lovely Ginny ❤️