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  1. Will people who had active claims that extended past September 2021 continue to receive UI benefits if they’re balance was supplemented by FED ED?

  2. Would I lose my California unemployment benefits if I report that I go to a community college part time??

  3. Finally got my decision from my phone interview. So happy it went will. The assembly person helped me through it all.

  4. Now i probably have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars! This virus is killing us not just physically but mentally, spiritually and psychology. Im dying inside

  5. On 4/6/20 i completed a form" the families first coronavirus response act". On 4/11/20 i wrote leave of absence related to covid, my father become ill. On the letter explained i was taking care of him. On 4/23/20 the company has me come in and sign an "employer/ employee change of relationship" a voluntary quit but expressed that it's not quitting because I'll still be employed. On 5/28/20 company sends a letter, they want me come back to work, i contacted company and let them know about taking care of my father. phone interview went bad. Company stated i voluntary quit. On 9/10/2020 at 4:32pm my father passed away due to covid. They did not care and stated that EDD was now my problem. The sadness is overwhelming. How can they do that? Can anyone help?

  6. If I’m supposed to certify on 9/5 and have a remaining balance $2,541 . Will I get that ?? Thanks

  7. Hi Ginny I got a favorable and reversed Appeal letter from Judge Martin in Los Angeles Court on but still could not certify because I had no c. Account number just got it finally yesterday via phone so will I still be able to get certification forms for back weeks of benefits?

  8. EDD. want me to overpay a debt from 2008, they offset my PUA, estimulus,, etc . I'm in pending with a car broken and debth all over ..I'm sick and without $$$ and ready to crush,…

  9. I can testify to his service ⬆️⬆️☝️ ⬆️ I got approved and was funded three working days after with no issues

  10. I can testify to his service ⬆️⬆️☝️ ⬆️ I got approved and was funded three working days after with no issues

  11. Hey Ginny I was awarded my PUA claim on the 27th of aug my first week to certify is this week on the 5th
    My claim is effective from dec 2020 will I still be Abel to put in my backdate request amd will it still pay out on next payday of the 12th thanks your videos are awesome

  12. Tier 1 Specialist here, they told us to prepare for the public outrage that’s coming with them ending the extension. And I’m seeing the reason a lot of you guys are having pending payments is because of a particular stop pay then can only be cleared by a tier 2. Currently training to become T2.

  13. My gf stopped certifying . She had to reopen her claim. Your saying that she can’t get her balance?

  14. Hi just have a question for anyone here i have certified for the past 1 year and never had a problem on bi weekly certification and now for aug 14 to aug 28 say its pending any one elses say its pending for the last two weeks ?and not gotten paid yet

  15. I think next payments on the 10th

  16. Anyone had this kind of issue with their boa card I can’t login to my card i called them and they told me my card was blocked and told me to contact edd I contacted edd said everything is fine on their end and sent me back to boa called boa again they sent me back to edd they keep sending back and forth this is so annoying any help please

  17. Thanks so
    Much for all your help. It looks like this might be a goodbye for most of us. Just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work. I do appreciate you. Bless you

  18. I filed my 2020 taxes in July and received my California Golden stimulus in august. So yes all
    You need to do is file your state taxes and federal taxes and qualify for earned income tax credit. Just an FYI