CA EDD PUA Self Employment Income Documentation Proof Notice

CA EDD PUA Self Employment Income Documentation Proof Notice
Source: Department of Labor UIPL 16-20

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  1. PUA claimants – Did you receive this notice?
    0:00 Notice
    1:20 Dept of Labor requires proof of self employment
    1:40 Approved proof according to the DOL
    2:10 What does this mean?
    2:44 What if I DONT provide documentation?
    3:00 If I have no documentation will I have to pay it all back?
    3:18 I have proof of self employment BUT NOT proof of my income
    3:57 I have NO documentation at all
    4:24 Do I have to pay back ALL benefits?
    4:43 Can I get an overpayment waiver?
    5:20 EDD's reply to me

  2. You make great content.
    I was confused cause i thought I gave them taxes for 2019 already.
    But this is for after dec 2020 for new the new extended one. So they will need 2020 taxes yea?

  3. Ginny, Why didn't. they asked this from the beginning ? Is this. include from March 2020? What's going on?

  4. If you don't vote YES in the Recall Election, this will be your reckoning. The EDD seems to be signalling an intent to extract its pound of flesh. A harbinger of things to come. Please consider casting your vote for Kevin Kiley.

  5. Hi Ginny! Got a question. I just got paid on 2 pending from January but it looks like they gave me the extra $300 on each payment, but by that time they ended the $300 for people getting under $100 a week. So I think they messed up.

  6. So now EDD is going to ask for this when only two checks are left to pay us. Bull shit…

  7. Thanks for all the great, up to date info

  8. You explain things SO CLEARLY it's AMAZING

  9. I began my self employment in 2020. Did it for 2 months before pandemic began. I made a little money and filed a schedule C for 2020. But I don't have a schedule C for 2019 because I had not started my self employment yet. Will my 2020 Schedule C be sufficient as proof?

  10. Fires, smoke and ashes are making people stay away from traveling , first covid and now fires ?

  11. What if you have PUA benefits, but did not receive a notice? Does that mean you previously filled that requirement? Thank you! 🙂

  12. Hi Ginny, what if I worked part time at a company & didn’t qualify for regular unemployment because I didn’t earn enough wages so I was approved for a PUA claim, was I wrongfully put on a PUA claim? Will I have to pay back ? It’s not my fault I was put on a PUA ,
    I what documentation do you think will I be asked for ?

  13. by the HIGHER AMOUNT you mean the $300/week boost?

  14. soon they will vax mandate for UI

  15. This is very serious and really bad news for everyone. This topic needs more attention Ginny. Please dig in and keep us posted

  16. When do we have to provide this. Will we still get are last 4 weeks

  17. Thanks. That really helped. You are awesome.

  18. People on PUA had to show their 2019 tax form 1099 to be approved for PUA??

  19. Does my 2019 schedule C on my 2019 taxes qualify as a valid document? I can provide that. I’m a little confused by you meant by saying calendar year prior to beginning PUA (March 2020 I began)

  20. I just check my inbox . I have been on PUA for only a few months . I don’t have any request yet for any documentation. We need to try to have patience and think positive thoughts for the next few weeks

  21. Now all these questions are going to pop up about someone signing an Affidavid because they don't have proof they even worked and lost a job because of the pandemic SMH well go ahead and get someone else caught up in Fraud signing your fake documents. Please know that the IRS will come after them because they didn't claim that business your going to tell EDD about. Domino Effects Coming Soon ??‍♀️

  22. Again, thank you for all you do..way above and beyond..question..when I first applied I filled in the section with my 1099 information with self employment income amounts and payer information including contacts and phone numbers. I barely qualified for the $167. I have never had any request for actual documentation which I do have. I did file 2019 taxes and paid self employment tax …if asked, would I receive an email notice or snail mail? Thks

  23. Hi Ginny, thanks so much for taking the time to answer questions. EDD placed me on PUA b/c I didn't qualify for regular extension. I worked at a movie theater starting in 2019 up to 2020 when we all got furloughed in March 2020 due to Covid. I've never been self-employed, never reported such. My weekly amount has always been the lowest, $167 (+ $300 federal boost) What does this mean for us? What will we have to provide for them, if anything?

  24. They're added "new rules" in the 11th hour. This ought to be a doozie.

  25. Enjoy socialism

  26. Message just hit my inbox 30 seconds ago.

  27. What if i lost all my documentation in a wildland fire that is still burning? Think I might qualify for a waiver? Please let me know because I may just have to fake my death in the fire as well. I like to plan ahead. Thanks Ginny for all your help.

  28. I received this email today in my inbox. I provide a document of my Schedule C last year of November to EDD since they require me to provide a document of my income. Are they gonna request again this document?

  29. What if my reason for receiving PUA is caring for my child?

  30. Is there any info when they will start this? and start requesting the documentation? This month?

  31. You gals ought to cover the meat n potatoes, family tree style, on a white board, with a pointer. Then cover the off-the-wall scenarios at the end.
    Jenny, you did a great job of not mangling this info, Shelly…wowow…too errands, not enough coffee!? [Lol j/k Thx! S. ?]
    This will all need a redo, with some human to human, non-government speak explanations for the iffy parts.
    Plenty of people have not filed their tax returns yet, for 2020 and/or 2021. Please keep that in the front of your mind when elaborating on intent to work proof, since there won't be a Schedule C for those years ready, yet.
    Thanks for the useful information! ?

  32. Omg whats next… take back people’s stimulus check ? This is BS. Thanks ginny for the info. I can die now.

  33. Thank you Ginny

  34. Thank you so much….that was amazing , I asked around noon and you made a video right away . Not only was your video super informative but you alleviated so much of my anxiety I had about this issue. You explain things so that it is easy to understand I know you are helping a lot of people with these videos. Again, Thank you .

  35. Hi. Can you expand a little on what "signed affidavits from persons verifying the individual's self employment" means? Will I be able to use the signature from a person that payed me for a service I provided for them? And must that person meet certain requirements?

  36. Is there a minimum we had to have made in income to qualify for the pua in the first place….like a minimum amount on my taxes

  37. The documents they're requesting could not be easier to provide. Much ado about nothing.

  38. Ginny – what about if you don't have any documentation but is currently only receiving $167 what happens there?

  39. Back story:
    When first opening my claim in 2020, I listed regular employment income and self/1099 income. I listed myself for the latter as I employed myself.
    So they sent me a letter to verify I worked for me…?.
    I didn't send that back to them because it felt, idk, wrong I guess.
    My weekly amount was established by the regular income, and I was ok with the amount.

    When I provide proof now for MEUC, will that possibly change my weekly amount retroactively?

  40. I was placed on pua because I didn’t qualify for another extension back in august 2020 when my first 13 PEUC extension ended. So the edd placed people on pua who didn’t qualify another extension. I was getting just the lowest amount $167. Would this apply to us too? And the reason I would always check when I certified that I had a date to begin work but no longer available because of Covid 19.

  41. This is nothing new. We already were asked for this in January 2021. Isn't this the same?