Canva 2.0 Features Review – New GIFs, Graphics, & More! (Canva Tutorial) + [Scheduling Beta]

is here and better than ever! In this Canva review and quick tutorial discover how to take your designs to the next level and streamline your social posting.

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Canva 2.0 Features Review – New Scheduling, GIFs, Graphics, & More! (Canva Tutorial)

Canva 2.0 Review and Demo: New Scheduling, GIFs, Graphics, & More!

In this Canva 2.0 Review, you’re going to discover the top 5 awesome new features of Canva and how you can use them to take your designs and business to the top. I will show you the new and improved features that can help you design and publish your design. Let’s walkthrough the pros and cons of the Canva 2.0 update.

What is Canva 2.0 and what can you do with it?

In Canva 2.0, you can design anything and publish everywhere. With the help of Canva, you can easily produce beautiful presentations, posts for social media, GIFs, Graphics, Documents, and Designs for all kind of purposes and occasions. Canva has a drag and drop function with thousand of available customizable templates with over million designs from its users. It can be used as an alternative to various photo editors. Canva will provide you access to millions of stock images, illustrations, icons, and fonts. The content you can get in Canva is readily available for your use in all of your designs.

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With Canva, you can organize, edit, and store all of your work effortlessly. You can prepare editable templates with Canva 2.0 for your team to use. Your audience can access your published designs anywhere.

If you know Canva, you will see that the Canva 2.0 launched is packed with brand new features derived from the Canva community’s designs. It’s the design tool we are familiar with and we love, but even better. The updated Canva 2.0 is faster, more reliable, and offers new functions such as producing animations, website creation, and interactive presentations.

The problem with Canva 2.0 is that its auto-placement lines is not working. There might be also a loss of a lot of không lấy phí assets like icons are harder to find, computer frames are missing and magazine layouts is gone. But the good news is Canva 2.0 really listens to your feedback so they can make their product better. Now, its search function is much better and its import design feature is made really amazing.

So, are you going to use Canva 2.0? Wanna know the reasons why I left Canva back to powerpoint and Google slides for my diagrams? Weigh your options and determine if its pros exceeded its cons. Stay tune with this Canva 2.0 Review and Demo to get updated with the new features of Canva 2.0!
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  1. can u tell any idea how we can make websites easily as we design in canva easily.thank u

  2. Socialbu is also worth checking.

  3. Hope it stays adorable ! Good video thumbs up.

  4. Great video thanks Jason. I am struggling with changing the size/resizing the shapes in the 2.0 version. Before I could resize on all four sides of a rectangle, but, now in 2.0 it's making me use the corners of any shape element and that's not useful. Any suggestions? Video tutorials?

  5. Great content Jason, thanks!

  6. Thanks for this Jason! This is awesome. The way around the limit image, graphics etc, is to Google pngs. Also I wish they would let you schedule on Instagram. ???

  7. Great video Jason. I have been using Canva forever and still need to switch to 2.0 LOL…I think I will now after watching this!

    You should shoot them an email with this video link and request to be considered a CCC. It comes with some perks! I think you definitely qualify to be.

    In this video I made a BIG mistake stating that the scheduler was already rolled out. It's a feature that is currently in beta and is not available yet. Please see it as a preview of what is to come for Canva for Work in the future. Apologies for not including that in the video. It is a feature that is coming soon! Stay tuned!