Canva: Create a gradient that fades to transparent

This video will teach you how to fade an image to transparency with a new Canva element.

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  1. Wow, that's a fab hack for creating a gradient, thank you!!

  2. I love this, I just can't get it to work for my photo. I've been looking for a rectangular gradients, any suggestions?

  3. This is great and very clear, thank you! Is there a way to fade ALL the edges of a photo, not just left-to-right or top-to-bottom?

  4. What font is this ?

  5. AMAZING! Thank you! I've been wanting/looking for a way to do that in Canva forever!

  6. I have searched and searched and I haven't been able to find the gradient you mention "gradient that fades to transparent"

  7. I cannot find that "Gradient that fades to transparency" in Canva. It seems like they have removed it in the new version.

  8. Thank you so much this is what I needed I really want to erase the lines whenever I want a split screen background because those lines looks bad! I want my thumbnail video to look good ?

  9. That's pretty smart, I couldn't find the proper description of what this is called! Thanks

  10. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you ?

  11. This unfortunately only works with horizontal fade/certain shapes. When I try to do this for a vertical fade (photo on top fading to white underneath) the gradient element blown up that big to stretch across the bottom of the image (about 600 px) just does not work. I tried just putting multiple gradients next to each other, but there is a line between each one. I don't know why Canva doesn't just add a gradient feature that can be applied and edited to any piece in a design! They already have transparency and the ability to take out backgrounds, it seems this would be a simple addition.

  12. How that line of gradeint disappeared ??

  13. Thank you so so so much

  14. Great. Thanks. well demonstrated. very beneficial.

  15. Lots of love <3 After hundred videos this is exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks for help! <3

  16. Thank you! This is exactly what I needed!

  17. When I add it, and export as PDF Print it adds a white line around the element… Really frustrating me

  18. Thanks, this really was helpful 🙂

  19. This is an awesome, perfect tutorial. This is the thing I was looking for. Thank you so much..!!

  20. Hey Ronny! Thank you so much! So useful! The transparent how ever does not end transparent… and it whites out part of my photo — how do I do this? can I send you the image per email? xoxo Tammy

  21. This is great! Thank you so much for making this tutorial!

  22. big brain thanks

  23. Great quick video and extremely helpful!

  24. do you have a video explaining how to use a gradient to change the color of an element into a metalic looking color? I just want one element to have the color, not the whole picture

  25. Great video, super simple and helpful. Also showing the process of how you got there, really good teaching man. Thank you!!

  26. Thank you! Perfect tutorial!!

  27. Thank you for this video bro! I just watched 4:30 (because it was enough for me) but I will leave a comment for the good video.
    Thank you again. Greetings from Austria!

  28. This is so smart! THANK YOU!!!

  29. Hi thank you so much for your video. very helpful. but i have a problem. there is a edge line present on the gradient fade side of the element which i cant erase. so when the photo fades i see the edge line on it. i cannot get rid of that. pls help. thank you so much

  30. Doesn't work for me. It doesn't fade to 100% so it has to cover the entire photo and so fades the entire photo, not just the edge. It also fades corner to corner, not side to side…?