Canva for Work Tutorial: How to Make Your Own Gorgeous Worksheets

In this video tutorial, I am showing you !
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  1. If you guys want free worksheets, you can always visit . Also, if you would like, you can post those worksheets on that site to make money.

  2. You talking to much

  3. Youre the best i have several questions and wonder if i can email you

  4. Thank you for the tutorial! New subscriber here!✨❤️✨

  5. Wonderful tutorial! Thank you Kim 🙂

  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! I needed this so bad!!!!

  7. Thank-you so much! This was really helpful!!?

  8. Very helpful as always Kim!

  9. Great tutorial! I've worked with Canva for a few years but had never thought to use it to make worksheets! Thank you for your tips! They were implemented immediately!

  10. I wish the search for templates was better than scrolling so much.

  11. Awesome tutorial you have here! Some pro-tips: We’re looking to add layout search into our app soon but in the meantime, you can search our templates over at Less scrolling! ?Also, you can tick the box that says, “Change all” to automatically change the color of all the elements without having to click on each one. ? Cheers! ^kr