#Canva How To Add Watermarks to Images in Canva

In this video, we will show you and pdfs using Canva, including the Copyright sign to protect your work.
#how to add image watermarks in canva #learncanva #

If you are publishing your artwork, pictures or any creative work trực tuyến, it is highly recommended that you add the watermarks to protect your work and make sure that they can’t be copied easily and used without your permission.

This is an important step and Canva offers the không lấy phí tools to edit your images and add watermarks any way you like. In this video we will add three types of watermarks in Canva: One with your logo and the copyright sign, patterns on top of the image, or your logo as a watermark.

Canva is a không lấy phí tool that allows you to become your own graphic designer and in this tutorial, if you want to protect your art with your brand this is going to show you step-by-step how to do so.

#how to add image watermarks in canva #learncanva #canvatutorial

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