Canva: How to Create a Table

Time to say goodbye to boring tables!
In this video tutorial, we’ll show you how to create an original and nice-looking table using Canva. Although there is no specific Table option in the Canva editor, we found a couple of easy and out-of-the-box ways (available in both không tính phí and pro versions) to make your own table and custom its colours so it matches with your brand’s style.

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  1. ?How did this work for you? Is there anything else you’re struggling with using Canva? Let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to help out! ??

  2. THANK YOU! Life saver just when I needed it, as always!

  3. Really surprised that table not available in canva. I was just stuck with it. Thx for ur sharing! It helped me a lot.

  4. This it's too convoluted to create tables. It should be much easier.

  5. Thank you so much, super helpful!

  6. After watching the video, I still feel my powerpoint will be much more convenient and faster unfortunately. Hope Canva can work on offering the "table" function just like ppt. Something so simple like this, makes you wonder why canva can't come up with it.

  7. Very Helpful! Thank you!

  8. Boddo khataye Canva app ta 🙁

  9. Please Please can you ask them to make it a new option. This workaround is SOOO tedious. This I know is high demand.

  10. in Germany we say ein Gebastel

  11. Thank you Ronny, this is very useful – I need to design a comparison sheet detailing the different packages and price points for our fitness business. By the way, the comment about you talking a lot – it's a good thing to be as detailed as possible in order for consumers of your content to understand what some may already know, in which case they can just fast forward. Diana also does a great job of explaining the details very well. I'm doing a number of your courses on Skillshare.

  12. Thank you very helpful!!!

  13. I really appreciate Edwardconstruction via IG he's the best solution ever

  14. can we just upload an excel file and use templates. that would be so awesome

  15. Thank you so much, it really helps.

  16. Why won't Canva just add tables? It's a really basic feature.

  17. This is ridiculous to not have table. Thanks for putting this together

  18. thank you! some helpful tips

  19. Just found a work around! I was struggling with this as well. I created a table in Word, formatted it to my desire, snipped it and inserted it into Canva. Voila! Problem solved. Still a little frustrating that you can't just create it IN Canva though …

  20. Please, please, please ! ??? Donc you know how to number the pages on canva automaticly ?

  21. Thank you very much It was for my project and I could'nt get a table in canva

  22. A really useful and practical tutorial, thank you.

  23. a year later, and Canva REFUSES to add tables!! Ive talked to Canva customer support and they flat out told me at this time, tables is not in their plans

  24. Thank you so much !!!