Canva: How to Merge 2 Documents

Need to combine different Canva projects together?
Or to import a previously created design in your current project?

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  1. Hello there, can you help me with one problem. I am trying to make a portfolio and I need two different size pages in just one design. For example landscape and portrait pages. So the problem is I can choose only one size either landscape or portrait. Can we make different pages size in just one designe? Thank you?

  2. Does this work with the new version of Canva? I don't see it.

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  5. Both ways transfer the slide to the new one but much smaller. When I enlarge it gets cut off?

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  8. how do i change the orientation of 1 of the page in a design ?

  9. Thank you, after several failed tries (and reading through the Canva help) I finally looked youtube and found your video, so helpful and easy!!!

  10. Thank you!!! You're awesome!

  11. So canva has a limitation of 100 pages in a presentation, is there a way to merge another file with one already having 100 pages?

  12. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I did not know this?! Thank you.

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    Thank you!!!

  22. When I clicked on my folders, there are three sections my purchase, my likes and create my folder. Does it because I'm a free user. Thank you for your video. It is really helpful but I hope you can help me with my question.

  23. Thank you so much! You really save the day!

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  25. Thank you for saving me days of work! Also this is random but do you sell these slide deck templates? If so, I would love to buy them from you! Thank you

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  28. Is there a way to add a landscape sized page in the middle of vertical pages?

  29. Thank you! I immediately figured it out within minutes of watching. thank you soooo much!!!

  30. Thank you so so much for this! However, I also have Canva Pro and when I do the first method >> folders >> all my designs >> and then select the page I want to insert in my new project, the text is not copied with the right fonts, or the shapes are not copied in the right dimensions even though I'm using the same canvas size. Do you know why this happens? Thanks so much!

  31. thank you so much. from Malaysia

  32. THANK YOU. This saved my a lot of time.

  33. Do we need to buy the full version of canva to be able to do this? my folder at canvas do not have my previous design at all

  34. Well, this is A LIFE SAVER! I was recently thinking to do a bundle of my curent kids books + one extra new story and I was trying to figure out how to do it without designing all the books again.

    Any idea how many pages can be created in Canva or if there's a max limit? I might need about 150 and not sure if it will work…

    I'm using a free account atm but I would be totally willing to pay for the PRO version. Canva is so easy and useful. I've designed all my kids print book using it. ?

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