Canva ipad tutorial – How to use Canva App (new 2021 update) Canva mobile app tutorial for iPad

Let me walk you through how to use the app to create graphics on your mobile device.

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00:00 Start
1:48 Navigate Canva on iPad
4:23 Choosing a design
4:33 Creating a design (Pinterest pin)
5:00 Using templates and searching for them
6:00 Picking a design and activating the elements
7:07 Add images for your design
7:57 Canva image library
8:59 Adding images from uploads
9:16 Removing the background of a photo
10:05 Adding a filter to the image
10:50 Adding a circle image (in a frame)
12:12 Adding a gradient to your design
14:17 Adding music
16:03 Downloading your design
16:36 Features on iPad Vs Desktop
19:07 Questions

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  1. I wish mine would work as well as you stated. I can’t get Canva to load fully on my iPad no matter if I’m on WiFi or any other way. But with the part that does load it doesn’t come close to looking like what you show. Does one need to have a membership or pay to see the full canva page opened? Or is it a requirement to have extremely fast internet connection? I have average speed internet and no access to high speed internet.

  2. How to replace background on iPad on canva app, all can’t add images on the element which I can easily do on desktops

  3. Hi Sara, just trying to download a png or pdf to my iPad bc my MacBook hasn't been working lately. Not sure if that I'd possible for crating books in KDP.

  4. Thanx, really enjoyed this. Actually watched your tutorial as I'm considering an iPad upgrade for personal "designs". Really helpful. Had to giggle with your statement "don't overthink it" – tell myself that a gazillion times a day… LOL

  5. Hi sara, is there nudge feature in iPad version of Canva app?

  6. On iPad, there is no “replace” tab to change photo in a template, right? I can easily replace on iPhone to the size.

  7. Really awesome video! ? I learned a lot from you- thank you!

  8. Hi Sara, thank you for the great tutorial! I am interested in Canva pro for the iPad. Is it possible to share editable templates from the iPad as well? Thank you if you know.

  9. I skiped tutorialz in canva and now im looking for tutorials here! ??

  10. How can I download old version of canva ??

  11. Which iPad are you using? Can I get PC like experience with iPad Air 2020?