Canva Mobile APP TUTORIAL for NEWBIES: how to use Canva App on mobile to create STUNNING GRAPHICS

Hi guys! Here’s our brand new for beginners you have been asking for! This tutorial is meant for newbies: if these are your first steps in using the mobile app of Canva,you’re in the right place. And if you have used the app already, don’t go away: you might learn a few new tips on !

00:00 Intro
01:37 First steps within the Canva mobile App: Home Screen Overview
04:55 Using Canva mobile App Search box
05:39 The “+” button, Custom Size option, Searching a specific document type and content ideas
08:05 Bottom buttons: Home, Design and thực đơn options

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  1. Let us know what you thought of this tutorial and what you'd like to learn in the next ones! We read you ??
    ? Try Canva Pro for FREE for 45 days: Using this affiliate link, you can get 45 days of Canva Pro free trial, which is 15 days extra than what is offered via the Canva website!

  2. Thanks from India ?❤️❤️.

  3. Thank you for this. How do I add alt text and name my posts or thumbnails on mobile?

  4. So he's just showing how to surf cana. Not how to use it.

  5. Need vedio for how to download complete design in phone

  6. Great video. Does the free version publish stuff at a lower resolution than the desktop version? I tried designing something, but the final image when "save as image" the resolution seemed a bit lower

  7. I think your spectacles doesn't have glass… ??

  8. Editing your own photos

  9. Just installed Canva today, and subscribe to pro version.. i need to learn more to make contents for my fb advertisement

  10. Hi Ronny I am from India will you please post 2nd video how to create logos in Canva through mobile app thank you ?

  11. Please show us how to change pictures background

  12. How do I add ruler on canva app?

  13. You pretty much have to use your cell phone if you want to post video to instagram. I've been using desktop canva to do things but now I'm starting to use instagram and it's mainly built for mobile only. I tried making a video in canva on my desktop and then I signed in to canva on my cell and even with a pro instagram account you can't upload the canva video file to instagram unless its made on the cell. At least I couldn't. Maybe I'm doing something wrong ?

  14. When I create an Instagram post on the website from a PC and try to share it there's a pop up. "Use the Canva mobile app to post to Instagram. Scan this QR code to get Canva on your Mobile" I can't see how to create an Instagram post with multiple pages from the mobile app.

  15. I will like to know how to make carousel and duo tone effect using my mobile phone. In one of your videos you talked about edit bottom having background remover effect. On my own mobile I still have the background remover as effects. Does it mean it can only for computers? My can's app is updated. Thank you ?

  16. I love your videos, they are so good! I really struggle using the mobile app. I feel like it's not very intuitive. For example copying and pasting elements, downloading just one page etc.

  17. Finally! This is great. I use the mobile app way more than the desktop so really looking forward to more of your brilliant videos especially on using the app. if live to see a tutorial on creating videos or animated stories/post using the app. Thank you so much ?

  18. Thank you Ronny, I always work with computers, but it's also good to know about mobile. I am wondering if you will have a video explaining how to use "Effects" in Canva mobile … I actually don't find them. Thanks Again!

  19. Hi Ronnie! First of all, thanks so much for the training that has been provided thus far. I’m one of those individuals who is using their phone for everything. The instructions designed specifically for a mobile device is definitely an answer to my prayer. I want to learn it all! Thanks again :)!

  20. Love it. Hope you’re doing well!

  21. Hii Ronnie, It's my humble request to you to make videos or courses for how we can make infographics, instagram posts, story and much more using canva and how we can earn money from canva

  22. I like this video video because it's interesting to talk about that because when you get out of your home, sometimes you have ur laptop but every time you have got ur mobile. That's why it's a good intervention so, the screen is smaller ,what kind of designs which you do with more flexibility on mobile phones?or to find tools? Or that is better for users having a laptop… Which one do you prefer? Je suis français mais j'espère que nous nous sommes compris… ???Portez vous bien les amis…

  23. Be able to create my logo

  24. I would like to learn more about creating a digital planner and other printables via canva app

  25. Hey Ronny, please tell me when will be the download recorded video option available….that present and record feature in which we have a link…. instead of link the download feature is to be introduced in how much time?????? Please reply

  26. Hi Ronnie, I sometimes use my mobile to create my design. One setback is when I downloaded the text will not be the actual size in Canva. It will become very small. Many times I had to go back to Canva and set the text that will suit the download. There was one case the text was outside the design than the download was ok. Thank you for your time.

  27. Hello! Is there a way to create in Canva apng?(logo of the company go back and forward like "heartbeat"?)

  28. Uncommon use of canva. I have learnt something new from this video.

  29. Très bonne idée cette séquence Mobile….j'utilise déjà Canva sur mon iphone…je vais suivre les prochaines vidéo de cette série avec grand intérêt:)