In this video, you’ll learn how to use the CANVA PRESENT AND RECORD FEATURE as well as how to edit videos in Canva. Canva video editing can be done but with limited features. However, I will show you some Canva tricks to cutting and editing your videos in this Canva presentation tutorial. You can also do a presentation voice over with the present and record tool. If you’ve been wanting to create presentations with a talking head bubble effect on your video, this tutorial will show you how.

You will need the following to use this feature:

1) A webcam
2) A microphone

If you’re using a laptop, then you’re pretty much set as most laptops include a webcam and microphone. Whether you’re a teacher, educator, student, coach, or content creator, this tutorial’s for you as I’ll share some Canva tips and tricks.

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00:00 – Introduction // What you’ll learn
00:29 – Important pre-requisites and caveats
01:17 – Getting started
02:00 – Where to find the Canva Present and Record feature
02:34 – Setting up your equipment
03:05 – Recording your presentation
04:05 – Downloading your present and record video
04:40 – How to edit videos in Canva
10:03 – Final thoughts


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  25. Thanks for watching the tutorial!

    Update June 8, 2021: You can now record WITHOUT being on camera. In other words, you can record audio + presentation.

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