Canva Presentation Templates Tutorial 2021

Canva PresentationTemplates Tutorial 2021 // Today I’m excited to share with you how to create a Canva presentation using Canva’s presentation templates.

There are lots of beautiful không lấy phí to choose from so you don’t need a Pro tài khoản.

I’ll also show you how you can search for the using the search tool ?.

There are plenty of templates for không lấy phí Canva and Pro Canva users so this tutorial has something for everyone. I’ll show you how to use the ‘filter’ and ‘search’ tools so that you can filter out the không lấy phí and pro templates.

You’ll then learn how to view all the slides within a Canva template before opening it up onto your desktop.

Once you’ve opened it you’ll learn how to customise the template with your own brand fonts, colours and personality.

You don’t need to stick with just one presentation, either.

Using this fabulous time-saving trick I’ll show you how to include slides from a completely different presentation into your current template.

Not only that you can then quickly match the new slide to your current presentation style using this Canva power tool ?. It may be small but you’ll be amazed by what it can do!

If you want to survey all your slides in one go, I’ll show you how to use the Page Manager. Re-order slides, quickly add a new slide, delete or copy from the Page Manager.

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  1. Did you realise there were so many wonderful things you can do with presentations in Canva? Let me know if you're going to make the change from PowerPoint to Canva slides!

  2. Hi Nicky! Is it possible to pick a template and create slides on it, then if I found a different template that I like better to select that and have my information get updated with the new template?

    Thank you!

  3. Love your tutorials Nicky! How do I add a logo to every page of my presentation so that it's consistently in the same spot. I don't see the feature to add it.

  4. Great video, Nicky – thank you! Once I finish designing a template, is there a way to import it into PP as a design theme, so I can use it for other presentations?

  5. Can you save the slides from a Presentation as a Video message?

  6. Soso helpful, thank you!

  7. Hi, I really appreciate this video. However, as tech is always changing…. I love that you could click on the three dots to change all the fonts of a presentation to your brand….except now the three dots aren't there. I have tried two different browsers. Do you know of a different work around now? Thank you

  8. Hi! I was so excited about presentations, until I realized that mobile-first presentations don't always present properly. Sometimes a text box that i designed to be one line instead takes up two, or two elements (even if grouped) don't align with each other properly. It's especially bad if the design opens within an app – for instance, within Messenger, instead of Chrome. Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this?

  9. Thanks, Nicky, wonderful tips and love being able to change to my brand colours and fonts in a quick click!

  10. So exciting – I LOVE your CANVA tutorials Nicky – thank you !! ♥

  11. That was super, well presented and practical