Canva Presentation Tutorial: How to upload a YouTube Video into a Slide

During this Canva presentation tutorial I’ll show you how to upload a YouTube video into a slide.

I’ll then show you how to download your completed presentation as a raw file, as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation or how to present your slides as a show directly from Canva.

Today I’m going to show you how to upload YouTube videos directly into Canva presentations.

1. First open Canva and select a presentation template. Now search YouTube on the left hand side of your Canva desktop. You’ll see some suggested videos appear but to find your own YouTube channel just type in your channel name in the search box.

2. Double-click on the image of the video you want to add to your slide. You can adjust the size of the video image by pulling the corner buttons.

3. To start playing the video within your slide just select the image by clicking it once; you’ll see that the YouTube logo at the centre turns red.

4. Once you’ve finished creating your presentation save your file in case you need to go back and make some edits.

Once that’s done you can:-

✽ download the file as it is
✽ download it into a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation
✽ or present your slides direct from Canva.

I love the latter idea, it’s sleek and professional!
If you missed last week’s Canva tip about how to create Canva Highlight Covers you can watch it here:


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  1. Hi, Nicky!
    I'd like to add a video to run as a background throughout my entire presentation. Can you help me?

  2. Hi there. If I have a pro Canva account and want to use One use design license for Youtube videos (for monetization purposes) am I permitted to use the One use license for youtube vids?

  3. Hi, do you need a pro account for this? Because I don't even have the option to select a YouTube in the first place

  4. Canva isn't finding my YouTube channel.. am I doing something wrong?

  5. Hi Nicky! Do you know if there is any way to play the youtube video while you in the 'recording studio' present mode? Thanks! 🙂

  6. hi! Please help! Why won't the youtube video play when I download my presentation as a video?

  7. What about when you're in presenter mode. It doesn't always let you double click when in presenter mode?

  8. Hey Nicky! Thanks for the video! My question is a bit tricky: what if canva doesn't find my youtube video? How can I insert a specific youtube video if canva does not display it in the results?

  9. Thank you Nicky, love your upbeat personality!! Would you like to use my watercolor paintings in your presentation for artists?

  10. Hi Nicky , can i know after i embed a video in Canva. thereafter i download it in pdf. the video wont play. how can i make the video play after i download in pdf version ? Many thanks in advance.

  11. Please can you show how to insert videos inside an ebook? how to do it with Canva? Thanks