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In today’s video, I’m going to show you how to create a TEXT Gradient effect in CANVA. This works in both the không lấy phí AND pro versions.

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We’ll be combining 2 elements to create this effect. Letter Frames and Gradients. Stay to the end and I’ll show you how to create your own custom gradients that you can use. For speed, I’ll use Canva’s built-in gradients for this tutorial.


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  1. Canva has added more new letter frames! Click the three dots on one of the original ones & it should give you some more magic recomendations! I stumbled on this when I was designing. my father's day cards a week or so ago.

  2. if I have a quote may be like this "a good person is a person who stays good even though it hurts", and I want to change the color of each letter to make it look colorful like a rainbow. How?

    if I want to edit the text one by one, it will take too long.

  3. Thanks Sir for great info

  4. This has become more easy, a lot of design app just creates a mask using ctrl+m and it fast and easy. Can Canva has this feature?

  5. Hi, Thanks for the great vdo. May i know what name of the music and from where you get it from ? It's so nice. Thanks.

  6. thank you this helped a lot

  7. Nice u solved my problem thanks

  8. Aw Mate F*cking Genius! Thanks Bro!

  9. But what about if I want to change the (style) of font whilst keeping the gradiant colours from my photos?

  10. Awesome!!! Thank you!

  11. This is ridiculous. Why doesn't canva add support to do this easier?

  12. Thanks for this, very helpful

  13. What if you wanted to like… change the font?

  14. anyway to do this with your own font

  15. Is it possible to apply a gradient to an element shape?

  16. Hi, the text that you created, does it look the same when you print it on a t-shirt using DTG printing?

  17. Can you tell me which font is this?

  18. Hi Seb, on a few of my designs on Canva, it is really strange – there are just very thin faint white lines all around the edges of a couple of my designs – these show up when I download the design as a pdf. However, when I download in png (instead of pdf) the lines are not there and the design is as how I intended. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.
    I have a feeling the reason could be that the text is stretched a little over the edges on either side of the A4, as I want the text NOT to fit perfectly on the page but to actually go off the page slightly (if that makes sense) – have you come across this? Can you please help?

  19. You explain it so simply and your voice is so easy to listen to. Thanks for your work.

  20. Very helpful for me.
    This is so cool.

  21. nice video… and of course.. you done improve on the VO.. Kudos bro… will support you always.