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  1. wow! six years ago. wish I knew about POD earlier.

  2. Thank you for a great video!

  3. I know your busy I really need help with a shirt design

  4. When are you going to do an updated version of this video? I'm just started using Canva and noticed most Canva Tutorials do not cover how to post to Pinterest or how to include affiliate links in your design. Most people are not just creating pretty pictures/graphics for a hobby, they're trying get PAID! Where is the edit button and how do you return something back to 'All My Designs' section once edited.

  5. Wow! I just discovered you today and this video helped so much! I've tried to use canva for over a year and I could not get it to make sense for me until now. I will be subscribing to your channel and devouring your content.

    You are a phenomenal Teacher and you have a great style! Thank you.

  6. Oh my God . I just discovered you. This is great. Thank you Thank you (subbed too)

  7. I just subscribed to your channel.

  8. THANK YOU!!!! You have saved me with these videos!

  9. I like all your videos Thanks

  10. Still a great reference Tutorial Lisa. Clear, practical and well structured. Congratulations

  11. home girl you rock!!! your content is great

  12. Praise the Lord! Good day once again Ms. Irby. That makes two very informative videos in one day. I'm realizing that you are a wealth of knowledge, so glad that I'm a Subscriber! Be well and stay encouraged & and encouraging!

  13. I have to subscribe ! ^  _  ^

  14. Thanks Lisa,
    I'm currently on vacation, but I will be playing with Canva when I get back. Thanks again. I always learn a lot from you. 🙂

  15. Just got started with Canva, an amazing website with lots of potential.

  16. Love Canva! And you for sharing

  17. This was a great video. It explained so much. I have been working  my way through the 30 Canva tutorials but this explained a lot. I think I understand it now. P.S. I am over 50 but I need to stay current to create graphics for my volunteer  group.

  18. I just registered for early access to Canva for Work. Join the waiting list! https://about.canva.com/work/?ref=59705770-3329-46d0-999d-774af89abc8b

  19. Finally, a for real person who won't rip me off when I buy their products! 🙂

  20. Awesome!  And yes I checked out Ileane's Podcast!

  21. Just one of our amazing tools.

  22. can i create a forum with a Google blogger. I want to create a blog with blogger and also have a forum page can i do that and how 

  23. I think imagery is very powerful… it takes time to get all the imagery right
    Just ask yourself this. Would you more likely click a DOWNLOAD text or a DOWNLOAD image with hoover over effects (where the image animates)? The image is bigger, if the right contrasting color is used, & more eye catching it actually increases time spent on your site. Long strings of text just are really 90s. I try to use a lot of images on my site.

  24. Lisa, your video was AWESOME!  You made it easy for even a novice to understand how to use CANVA to create professional quality content with ease without spending a fortune or having a degree in graphic design. I'm looking forward to using this tool and learning more from your videos.

  25. Coolest tool ever!  You are a very helpful resource