Canva Tutorial for Beginners 2021

Learn all about how to use canva in this beginner tutorial. I share step by step how to use all the awesome features Canva has. I started using Canava a year ago and now I use it everyday multiple times a day for my businesses. I personally use Canva to create all my Pinterest pins, Instagram graphics, Etsy shop graphics, logos, as well as create mood board/ designboards for interior design projects I am working on! The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can create on Canva, and with this easy to use tutorial you’ll be creating in no time!

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You can sign up for Canva pro with this link

Check out my How to make a mood board tutorial here

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  1. I love Canva too. I started using it about a year ago when I was on Pinterest and now I use it for everything. Thanks for sharing great tips.