Canva tutorial for beginners – How to place text behind person in Canva

Hello, In this Canva tutorial, I am going to show you how to place text behind a person in the same photo.

This tutorial contains a bunch of awesome tips and tricks you can apply to your Canva designs. Make sure to stay to the end of this video to discover all the tips and tricks it contains.

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  1. Thank you. This tutorial really helped me so quick and easy

  2. This was very helpful, thank you

  3. This was very helpful, thank you

  4. Wow, great post I needed this!

  5. Nice video but pleaseeeeee try to keep your mouth sounds down. Its pretty disgusting. Maybe not for everyone but there are people that can't deal with eating sounds and swallowing sounds etc.

  6. This creates such a cool effect so easily 😀 Thank you very much!

  7. This was super helpful for me.

    Thank you so much