Canva Tutorial: How to Create Gorgeous Graphics for Your Business & Blog

Want to make gorgeous for your or blog? If you want to create lead magnets/opt-in incentives like workbooks, worksheets, checklists, or any other valuable content for your audience, this tutorial will show you how to do it easily and for miễn phí!

I’ve used Canva for years to create everything from blog post images, Instagram posts, Pinterest graphics, Facebook ads, website banners, to printable pdfs and greeting cards!

Canva makes it super easy to create custom designs that look professional at the same time, and you don’t have to be a designer to do it.

Click here to get started with Canva:

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  1. Katie that was just an awesome tutorial — really great job — thank you so much

  2. Wow! You really make this quick and easy. I wish this had been the first video I watched, (would have saved me 40 minutes, lol) but I can stop researching and Get It Done! Thanks so much!!! Looking forward to exploring your channel.

  3. You made it super easy to understand!!

  4. An excellent demonstration on how to use Canva. I enjoyed the training and the music was also good.

  5. I am obsessed with the stock photo you used here! What is it called? This video was the most helpful I have found by far!

  6. Great video, Thanks Katie.

  7. Great video. Thanks Katie.

  8. I have been watching canva Tutorials for a while now but you made it easy for me understand and appreciate canva with this video. Thanks Katie.

  9. Great video! How did you get the square thinner? I am having trouble with the that.

  10. how do you make sure you dont have issues with copyright?

  11. Thanks! wonderful tutorial!

  12. This was absolutely amazing! quick, easy and to the point. Thank you

  13. Thanks this is a great tutorial

  14. Very nice tutorial, many thanks..

  15. love this! make more vids!

  16. This was a great tutorial…..thanks so much!

  17. Woww.just loved your creativeness..

  18. This is awesome! Thanks for the help. I'm SO embarrassed that I'm JUST NOW getting into Canva. I've used it years ago and forgot about it, so this vid really helped! I subscribed!

  19. This was so quick! Great Tutorial!

  20. Yes. This. I probably haven't commented in yes but come to YouTube often. This video and another lady's video gave me the tools I needed to create my first opt in for self care. #BOOM thanks for doing this.

  21. Great demo! So can you have a free Canva account indefinitely? I signed up for a free trial but have had to pay ever since the free trial expired. I don't think I use it enough to warrant the expense.

  22. Nice Simple & Helpful ……………….i like it

  23. Great video Katie! You make it look so easy! Definitely going to be referring back to this video! Thanks loads.

  24. Hi!!! Very nice designs!! So I have created a few designs on canva but im also working on pages , when I download my canva doc and want to add it to pages it doesnt allow me to resize and is not made to fit properly on pages… so I have been struggling with this! Need your help!
    Thank you 🙂

  25. I've watched so many CANVA videos and I must admit this is the best video to learn things on CANVA. I absolutely adore the way u created your Workbook. So professional. Keep making more such videos! U r awesome.. gal <3

  26. So cool how you did the group trick, AND how you made that border thinner…..definitely made my life simpler lol. Thanks for sharing!

  27. keep doing the work you are doing 🙂

  28. Please keep up the videos the audience will grow but for now I love this please keep it up

  29. Hi Katie, Really awesome video, You made Canva look even easier that it is. The Image you used as the background was really amazing, where do you get such clear and clean photos.

  30. You have a great eye. I have been using Canva since it came out and yes it's easy but YOU… clearly have a gift. I loved the detail you put into your blog page. I think I am your first subscriber.