Canva Tutorial: How To Design Gorgeous Lead Magnets And PDF's In 2020 // UPDATED

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ABOUT THIS VIDEO: We all know that is the lifeblood of trực tuyến businesses. Kim teaches how to design gorgeous lead magnets in this Canva tutorial for beginners to grow your email list. We all know how important branding and design is these days, and this lead magnet tutorial demonstrates how to easily create a lead magnet design that looks amazing and delivers a superior experience for potential customers.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase using these links.

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  1. Thank you so much for this!!! I'm already piecing together an idea for my business!

  2. Miss Kimberly, I like your style! I love setting the standard and not following the rule.

  3. Creating a brand new one …?Thanks loved the style & content of your vid ?

  4. the voice: "a few moments later" is really creepy! You should remove it.

  5. your form on the download free design toolkit does not work: An error occurred while submitting your data. Please try again

  6. So , I want to do my first lead magnet . I’m into staying my own online fb ads for business . What do you think could be a good topic for a lead magnet for a start ?

  7. The music is so annoying.

  8. You did such a wonderful job. Thank you

  9. Hi this was a fun but very quick tutorial on how to get around Canva. Although not too much on creating a working file. You can create some great designs with Canva but when sending as an email blast or lead magnet with multiple live links it is more tricky of course. Can you create a design directly in Canva with live linkable buttons? And can you do something more complex and have one image with multiple live clickable links/buttons layered on top of it? Or do you have to bring it in to a separate client like Mailchimp. And even in Mailchimp which is stacked based not layered based it seems this is not easy to do and requires coding skills. Do you know if this is possible? Thanx!

  10. Just subscribed. Loved everything. Thank you.

  11. Great timing. Will launch a new site in a week. Was just working on the lead magnet's content. Now I'm even more motivated to make it stand out. Thx

  12. I definitely will be using this. I was following along with you the whole time & learned some new Canva hacks! I will be creating these lead magnets for my personal training, my patreon, and achieving more bookings for my pro wrestling career!

  13. I consider myself pretty adept at Canva, but had no clue about Copy Style tool! What the what?! THANKS for all the tips! I always learn something new 😉

  14. I am going brand new! Its time to be a mad scientist in the lab and try out different tactics. I can be Dr. Frankentay and awaken some monster results

  15. QOTD: With all this indoor time we have these days, are you inspired to up-level existing lead magnets or create new ones?