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Welcome to the 6th episode on my Creative Tips, in the last episode, we search the Royalty không tính tiền Images to Boost Up Blog Engagement, in this episode will edit this image to to look better of blog primary image. is không tính tiền for most basic needed to edit your images. we will a text the post title of the blog to image, we will set with opacity background, and done.


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  1. The picture has turned out to be so nice. Thanks for the tutorial Axl, learnt a lot:)

  2. Hello Axl, I ask your help regarding of my post thumbnail in my blog.My post thumbnail is blurred,how to fix it.thank you for help…

  3. hey axl thank for video , please can you make video about CPA marketing and affiliate marketing and tell us the if its worth it to with affiliate marketing please respond

  4. Hi Axl. Popping in to say thanks so much for making the tutorial. ? Keep up the great work! ^hs

  5. Bro I followed your all tutorials of blogging ……………….but when I search it on google it shows The date of published….Bro How to put title on the search result………this is my site

  6. Sir It has been three weeks and still no replay from google?????????/