This video is a , on how to use canva for graphics. Canva mobile app is a very vital tool for every business owner.

Canva mobile app has hundreds of already made template that you can design from, just click and edit.

The main work comes to how to use canva and that’s the reason for this video.

You must have been searching all over the web on tutorials on how
to use canva app, well here you are, I bet you, this video is very detailed.

Watch the video and make sure to put it to practice after watching, the action is the keyword here.
Download the app here:


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  1. Who will like to get a comprehensive Canva course with over 40 video tutorials tricks and support group for members ?

    And let me know the best and most affordable price for you.

  2. Amazing tutorial. Thanks. Learning this for my Instagram post

  3. Great teacher! You know how to pass knowledge thumbs-up!

  4. Great teacher! You know how to pass knowledge thumbs-up!

  5. Sir tony, how can one do the “sending picture to the back “stuff on iPhone??

  6. Tanks for d video…..#free canva

  7. Thank you! I got value!

  8. Love the video but please can you do it in a better quality 480 is not that clear

  9. I installed it but at a point it was demanding for code,and I didn't get any code

  10. Thank u Tony,i appreciate

  11. Sir am not seeing the drop down icon where l will choose inclusions and all that is it that l need to upgrade to a pro version

  12. Powerful one boss, when a CeO says u are good, it means you are the best. #Free Canva

  13. Thanks a lot Sir
    i gained a lot from this video
    i would like to get the premium canva

  14. Does fiverr work on phone

  15. Please
    I am not able to create an account for a seller on fiverr

  16. This video actually helped me. Thank You. Only problem is that I'm using a new version of Canva and some things had changed. Example It's no longer called Illustration,pp it's now call Element. It's not opacity anymore but transparancy. The position of certain things had changed but it's still okay . Still, thank you! Cheers!

  17. You made a promise in your video which you haven't fulfilled

    How can I get canva pro login

  18. I'm back to subscribe with my real account

  19. Great tutorial. You covered all the basics. there's so much more that you can design with Canva.

  20. This is the best video for canva I've come across. Please #freecanva

  21. Thanks so much for this video. I found so much value. I will be glad to get the pro version. So,

  22. Bro you be good teacher your first video am watching but very clear thanks

  23. How to get a premium canvas login

  24. Can you use your own photos

  25. Hi bro.i am following you

  26. This video was very helpful, but I have a question which is can web link be added to a text when creating poster, so people can click on the a text on the poster and it will direct them to a web page, I don't know if you understand my question (like when you typed "Here" in this tutorial, can it be imbedded with a web link?

  27. Do you know how to group elements and align on canva mobile?

  28. Thank u very much for this effort, so useful information ♥️

  29. How do you download single design? Every time I try to download it does all of them on that page which is like 30 designs. Is there no way to download only one like the desktop version?

  30. Brother, it was an amazing video. But i want pro version for free.?

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  34. Watching your video for the first time, and it was useful
    Thank you