CANVA TUTORIAL JOURNAL; PLANNER; How to design a Journal/Planner Cover!

In this video, I’ll be showing you how to design a Journal/Planner cover using Canva.


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  1. hey sweetie I just wanted to say I believe I can learn from you and I am 60 hurray

  2. Thanks for this! Where do you get the backgrounds?

  3. Where did you get all of the beautiful character images from. We’re they free with your Canva subscription or you got them from another source?

  4. I really appreciate that you take the time out of your schedule to help us out!

  5. I love your work. Do you have a website? Thanks

  6. Do you custom make each planner or use a print on demand service?

  7. How did you punch the holes on the chip board?

  8. How do you get the blank page? I only see the template

  9. Where do you find the girls?

  10. Awesome! Thanks for sharing… my new hobbby! Creating journals and planners! ?

  11. How do I get my girls that I purchased to upload into canva. Some are only desktop and some are in my documents.

  12. Do you bind your journals or planners

  13. How do you print without a border?

  14. This is a super tutorial, thanks for sharing.

  15. Where do you get those cut outs?

  16. Very nicenturorial, you can explain purely! I just share about Canva tutorial, maybe, can you give me an advice for my tutorial about Canva on my channel? Thanks before ?

  17. What’s up?!! Just subbed to your channel! Have you ever considered using FollowSM . c o m to increase your subs?

  18. What are the dimensions for the journal?

  19. I love your covers! Do you print from Canva? How do keep from having the white border?