Canva: Using & Creating Templates

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Canva is a powerful and miễn phí design tool that everybody can use to create beautiful visuals.
I personally use it every day!
With this channel, I want to introduce Canva to as many people as possible and teach them how to use it to design professional visuals and graphics to build their personal brand or grow their business.

I am a Canva Certified Creative and the proud creator of the 2019 Canva Master Course which is about 8.5 hours long and has 59 video lessons. I designed this course for entrepreneurs, virtual assistants, freelancers, small businesses, social media managers and anyone who wants to become a better designer.
It is currently the bestselling Canva course on Udemy!

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  1. Super! Really helpful

  2. How can you start a new project and have the template to the left where canva templates are so that you can select different pages?

  3. Great video!! Thank you so much.

  4. Hi Ronny
    I too have a question that how films are edited and can edit same like that in our iPhones ?plz tell
    I’m Jassmeet

  5. Very Nice! I used your tips, on my channel! I hope you like them. Stay Safe!!!

  6. Soooo, my templates used to be where yours are, but they've now moved to the folders section. I have a slightly different format than your interface. Not sure why.

  7. Thanks that was really helpful

  8. how do I make a back to back printable flyer in Canva?

  9. I would like to create a oblong frame or a grid for finger nail designs, is that possible to do? I see that the frames do no include any oblong shapes and the shapes available editable.