Canva Warning! | Top 3 Reason NOT To Use Canva Graphic Design Software For Social Media

Canva Danger! Watch this video before you choose Canva as your go to image editor. I’m a big fan of the product, but there are some major drawbacks every entrepreneur should be aware of.

Learn how to create #không tính phí social media images with this Canva video and the dangers of relying too heavily on this wonderful graphic design tool.

We have put together a QUICK Canva Tutorial video for you and if you want more info Buffer has a great Canva tutorial video if you need extra guidance.

Let’s kick things off with what it is. Canva is a không tính phí trực tuyến graphic design tool that makes it easy to create stunning images for your business. Canva is a wonderful trực tuyến graphic design tool for church communicators, business cards, social media posts, (and everyone else who’s ever had to design a flyer or graphic).

Tell me if this story sounds familiar. One day you have a thought: “I’m looking for an trực tuyến graphic design tool (it doesn’t have to be không tính phí) that is really simple to use.” You want to make a great looking newsletter design and Instagram post so you come across this great digital design tool Canva.

It’s super easy to use, gives you lots of different designs and it seem like a match made in heaven; or is it?

Many digital marketers have learned to successfully promote on social media + mini Canva tutorial. The problem is too many marketers are using it now. This means that your designs aren’t going to be that unique, because so many other social media mangers and social media marketers are using Canava for their Facebook/Instagram posts.

Watch this in depth Canva tutorial video on the dangers of using Canva for your social media marketing.

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  1. Thank you for your feedback, Jason. We understand your concerns. To keep our templates from getting stagnant, we regularly add new layouts everyone can try. It also doesn’t hurt to get a little creative. ? We’ll be sure to forward this to our team so they can look into improvements based on your inputs. If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them at Cheers! ^kr

  2. Spelling mistake at 2:26. You spelt design wrong. Omg ? that says it all


  4. Jason thank you for warning.. unfortunately while recommending not to use Canva while I in right in the middle of trying to export a transition video into LumaFusion.. you did not let me know what to use?? Help.. thx GmaJo

  5. I always just do things from scratch on canvas, not using templates. I'm not graphic designer, just a 14 year old with a hobby

  6. A scam, a scam, a scam.

    I paid for an image I can't download, email, copy or use. The customer service worker said because I did not buy the Pro membership I am not owed anything. My payment for the image was nothing. Now they won't respond to me asking them to email me a PDF image I bought or refund my money. I paid them for nothing. They are running a scam and should be avoided.

  7. Can canva gives us copyright strike on thumbnail?

  8. I just signed up for it and I'm not thrilled. Unless a professional can walk me through it, and I'm missing something, (which is possible), it's not user friendly. None of my search words for the templates are relevant. I searched "irrigation" "beef cattle" "tractor" and " hay". I own a rural feed and seed store and would use these images…..and no results were found. Unless someone can show me another side to this….it's mediocre at best.

  9. You're so right about Canva losing your designs! They lost all of mine after paying the Pro monthly fees for months & all they could suggest to me is to spend my time finding the history on my browser & sending all the files I've been paying them to store back to them. Canva is a RIP OFF!!!!!!!

  10. Can I use this app any copyright issues have???

  11. i like that you did not mention competitor or suggest alternatives. well done…

  12. Copyright is also a big issue with Canva…their terms of use are pretty confusing.

  13. I have a urgent need. My downloaded files from Canva are whited out and I can't download them to use them. What is wrong. I need them for marketing at a event this weekend and need them ASAP!!! Please if you can help me thank you in advance.

  14. The issue I have with Canva is that when you are using the elements you cant narrow your search to an entire package of icons or illustrations from one designer. You have to waste time searching for the same design through thousands of icons. You can choose the designer name but that pulls up everything the designer has ever done, and then you are still left searching for hours to match up the icon design you like. Canva is convenient for quick designs and social media posts, but it is lacking in functionality for the end user so they can quickly find what they are looking for and apply it to their design. ( I have a Canva Premium Subscription)

  15. hey how do you use canva for t shirts design for a wix store?

  16. I have a Canva Pro Trial and I started using it to make low content books on amazon kdp. I am using the pro pictures to design my cover and interior. Do you have any idea if this is ok because when I press on the picture it says free for canva pro. I'm confused some YouTubers say it's totally ok as long as we make an actual design and add value, others says to not use at all. Please advise thank you

  17. I use canva free images my own Instagram page but I have a doubt canva free images are copyright ya not and I didn't get credit those images. Please explain canva images policy in short.

  18. Good points for a more advanced user, but as someone with no desire to learn anything more complex, Canva is a great fit for me. I've been a user since '14 and so far I've had very few complaints. I also use PicMonkey for some edit tools that I can't get at Canva. Between them both I'm set.

  19. Canva ripped me off…absolutely awful company with no customer support…you can't even contact them.

  20. As a graphic designer who is proficient in using Adobe Suite, I think Canva is an mazing tool for non-designers and designers too if you want to make a quick, decent looking social media content/ logo. If you want your content to be unique and stand-out from the crowd then there's no easy peasy way, gotta use Adobe Suite and your creativity 😉

  21. Canva is About being creative. not using other simple templates!

  22. Canva video, copy right free or not for youtube ?

  23. spellcheck your graphics. Great content though.

  24. Jason, I like originality as a graphic designer (20 years), so this probably is not a good fit for me. I just got lazy!!! I need to think for my clients and not rely on templates. I did see a lot of familiarity in the designs you showed. They are everywhere. I need to think outside of the box.

  25. Thank you so much for your explanation. I was tempted to use it after seeing a commercial. I have Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, but was thinking about using it as a quick short-cut. I am very glad You showed this before I got too involved with the free trial. I will stick with my own software and will refrain from short-cuts! Thank you again, Jason! : ) Well explained!!!!

  26. Great, would you please advise which is the best application for designing?

  27. I don't think I ever used any software that didn't have limitations or flaws. With that said, I consider any software that meets 90% of customer needs a success. Also, you can start creating from scratch using Canva. Anyways, my point is, you could just as easily do a video on the flaws of Photoshop or Adobe products in general. It's not that hard to find flaws.

  28. I guess there's no spell check in Canva (you spelled Design wrong).

  29. my canva has literally many errors. sometimes when i saved the file and then return back to it THE IMAGES ARE GONE. but when i can still edit them but they're litterally white squares and the image is gone. i hate this and i can't edit properly

  30. Hey, I saw JW logo in your video!! I’m a JW in Charlotte, NC. But I was wondering if you can help with an issue I’m having… I do a LOT of Instagram templates on Canva for my real estate business. But after posting through Buffer, my graphics/images look blurry. I know it’s not my pics because when I post straight from my iPhone, it’s fine. Any suggestions??!!

  31. Nothing more than clip art design. Looks like something outsourced from Mumbai.

  32. Thanks a lot! so, is it Canva or Photoshop? any other tool?

  33. I logged in to notice that my finished product disappeared….I am so disappointed because I put alot of time into my work. I didn't delete anything so there's nothing in the trash can to recover. Customer service hasn't reached out yet to help!!! I never ever use their services again once this nightmare is over!

  34. Hi
    How do you purchase license use with Canva? is it included with the subscription price? I want to create a coloring book using canva elements to sell?

  35. I think canva pay this man to talk well about they

  36. Added a page to one of my folders and everything else disappeared. They are not in trash. This has happened to me a few times – one minute files are there and the next they are gone
    🙁 A lot of hours of work lost 🙁

  37. It's also impossible to find the right elements with Canva's search functions. I'll find a doddle I like and there is no way to see all the matching elements easily. So annoying -_-

  38. artists have always been shafted in favour of big business – canva is basically turning everyone into a design sweatshop exploited worker comparable to Bangladesh sweatshops. There are armies of super creative people making these shitty templates for people that are – well everyone is now – experts in marketing selling designing creating art etc.
    Canva and Canva Pro are essentially digital scrapbooks suppliers – for unimaginative people that believe they are or can be artists and designers.
    Scrapbook – scrap – one letter away from crap

  39. It’s pretty much standard for every software that you can’t modify unless you use the source software.

  40. So what are the other suggestions?

  41. dude, this canva for beginners, quick and first for newcomers…..take it easy!!!

  42. Is Canva safe in terms of privacy ? I don't want my pics to be used for advertising or to seen by everyone.

  43. Pal, i have one issue! I use Canva to create high quality landing pages for affiliate marketing, but unfortunately I have a problem. Every time I create a website, insert my hyperlinks, and publish it. I‘m testing everything. So I click the hyperlinks and a pop ups „you are leaving Canva“ opens up. ( Not really the best thing, when you do affiliate marketing)

    Do you know how to fix that?

  44. My only complaint about canva which I find easy in photoshop is how the latter makes it easy for me to convert to cmyk when I need printed stuff. If canva can do this I will give up photoshop. Is this true?

  45. Can I use Canva intro video with background music for YouTube video