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  6. Just wanted you to know, you got a fan from Malaysia, been watching your videos every single day. Definitely motivating and inspiring man. Me and my bro gonna start up our own soon, hopefully it goes well .. and thank you so much for the great contents !!!

  7. The Official Do and Dont's website review show. Win Win for criticisms. Stay:Hungry/Humble/Hustlin'
    New warehouse and Dope background wall included.

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  15. I would love for you all to critic my website.

  16. This was great as usual. Hey Rich! I know that this is an off question. But I remember in your last video you had spoken about having a children’s clothing brand. I was wondering if you could make some videos talking about that. Never everyone here is making a brand for adults, we can’t forget the kids now!

  17. tight video hope you do more, and i wanna try to send my brand

  18. Keep up the great content , my other comment was deleted. Not sure why. Congrats on the new place

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  21. Outstanding Reviews Fellas! Screen Printed My First Shirt Ever, Yesterday! Rich you helped A LOT! Thanks Man! What’s Good, TONY?! I’m loving your colabs together! Congrats, again on the new shop, Rich! Looks Gooooiiiid!

  22. Gabe here from Move Along, I appreciate your thoughts and corrections! I still got a long way but its time to get to work! Thank You so much!

  23. I like this. Going to need more with you two at least once or twice a week. Both of your vibes mesh well together. More content on everything please??

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  26. Can I send mine over for a review on some constructive criticism

  27. Being that I've been in the clothing brand business for 14 years, my business partner has been manufacturing for all major brands for over 30 years (we can help build a brand btw), and ice been creating websites for brands for roughly 23 years, I definitely see some potential in a couple of these sites.

    Home page of Earn Your Sleep brand made my live anti-virus pop up, mentioning that there is a Trojan in one of the images.
    Untamed Brand – pretty damn good, definitely as said in the video remove the Shopify. Jump over to the "About " page though……definitely needs work. Not only looks super Generic, but put some time into saying who you are. I still believe in every brand should come up with a thought out "Why", a Mission Statement, a Purpose
    Very first brand "Move Along" it might be super critical, maybe some seen as even mean, but it appears to be what we call a Hobby and not a Brand. We tell upcoming brands this all the time "When the money's right and you want to slowly jump into becoming a brand, then hit us up"……but we have to. We have hundreds of brands hit us up every year.
    Anyway, I loved this segment a ton, Rich. You continue to pump out quality videos and I'll forever be a fan. In fact my 10 year old son just got into running a heat press and creating some pretty amazing designs to sell, hustling on the corner of the street, but still selling roughly $30-70 a day…. not bad for a 10 year old. He's using a cheap heat press, so I turned him onto your channel to look at the products you're using. I told him I'll give him his first business loan at 0% interest, but to get him into the groove of running a business, knowing what his products cost, his equipment, etc.
    I love you Rich, keep pumping out AMAZING videos

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