Code a 10000 NFT Minting Dapp part 2

The video you all have been waiting for is here! In this video, I show you how to take your generated artworks and build a Dapp for minting them onto the blockchain and have it show up on Opensea using metadata. Hope you enjoy the video and please feel không lấy phí to help others in the comments if they have questions.

Github repo:


My wallet address just incase ?

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  1. This is the type of content I would pay till the last cent

  2. First of all, WOW. This series is great! Can someone explain to me the purpose of this Dapp? I mean, if I just wanted to mint 10k unique NFTs for my collection (ever), I could just do it myself via the smart contract from the first video tutorial and never have to mess with the Dapp?
    Is this type of Dapp like a gumball machine where you let people pay to generate their own unique NFT (based on your art/traits) and you just get a % of all the mints/sales?
    Sorry, I'm totally new to NFTs. I thought you create art and just upload to places like OpenSea and let people bid/buy your art. This Dapp piece threw me off.

  3. HashLips how can others use this to buy my nfts?

  4. Hey Hashlips, I implemented the code at the end where it shows how many out of 10000 have been minted; however, if multiple users are minting, it wont update for them because fetchData isnt being ran. Would it be okay to put fetchData on a repeating timer so it updates for all users or something?

  5. Hey Daniel is there a way to pass in a Roman numeral in the corner of the minted piece instead of regular numbers?

  6. It's really strange but I can't install all the dependencies for this repo for some reason. Everything worked fine with the other repo (generative-art-opensource), but with this one I get a bunch of dependency errors in my terminal. I've tried both "npm install" (outputs errors) and "yarn add all" and even "npm install yarn" with the following "yarn add all". Nothing works! I'm in the correct directory (frontend_base_dapp) for sure, but the result is a bunch of errors:(

  7. as I understand,the process of NFT collection minting is
    1st upload art photo to opensea .
    2nd claim and minting by blockchain network

  8. Hi man, I loved the tutorial, real quality content! I just have a question: Is it possible to see the minted NFT straight on the dapp or is it only available to you on OpenSea? Thanks!

  9. windows computers will need to run:

    Set-ExecutionPolicy -Scope Process Unrestricted

    before they can run:

    yarn add all

    afterwards you can run:

    Set-ExecutionPolicy -Scope Process Default

    to go back to default security settings

  10. Just to say thanks so much.. it seemed so daunting before but with your tutorials I've been able to put up an NFT and getting ready for unpausing the mint, feels unreal! You have such great knowledge and wonderfully explained. Thanks so much again

  11. Yo, thank you so much for this! Insanely helpful!! I've got two questions though: Sorry if this has been mentioned before but how do you keep the metadata hidden until the nft is minted? As is, people would be able to look up the metadata before minting to see what the next nft turns out to be.

    Second is more of a request. I'd like to learn how to upload the source and metadata to an IPFS to make it truly decentralized, I'd love to see you making the video you mentioned if you find the time 🙂

  12. Hashlips you legend.

    I have a really silly issue here. My local host doesn’t want to connect to metamask and I keeps getting a “Change network to Polygon” despite following your steps.

    Please help!

  13. This is just amazing man! I haven't found anything like this all over the net (at least in English 🙂 ). And believe me, I have search a loooooot!. So This is just sugar for children!. Very lucky to have discovered your channel!, love the way you explain things, this Blockchain stuff is just amazing, a very powerful and out-of-the-series tech!. From an old-school fashion pc user who lived the dawn of WWW, this is a dream come true!. Feeling empowered already to produce something good from this!, Thanks for being such a RocknRolla !. waiting for more!

  14. Hello haslips I am trying to contact you on Twitter and telegram but it's it not found.
    Please how can I reach you

  15. Please do a video on how to do it on solana!

  16. Please suggest how to fix this error msg after click mint button –>

    Error: invalid address (argument="address", value=undefined, code=INVALID_ARGUMENT, version=address/5.4.0) (argument="_to", value=undefined, code=INVALID_ARGUMENT, version=abi/5.0.7)

  17. Incredible man! When to Solana? ^^

  18. Great video man! May i ask, Is there any different when i make this for Solana network? and it used a phantom wallet too, is there any demo account like metamask had?, thank you so much before.

  19. do you know how to create a minting dapp at solana?

  20. Can You Please Make a Tutorial on How to Shift the Dapp from Local Host to Webservers Like Apache… etc Please Need help with this if anyone know help me out

  21. Can you make a shorter video re-explaining this for noobs and part1. Would help alot

  22. How To change that Localhost to my Dapp's server?

  23. if anyone can pull this off for me, message me or comment below $$$$

  24. Ugh…completely hit a brick wall at the goal line! I cannot get opensea to read my pngs. Hosting through ipfs. Everything else works perfectly. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  25. Any way you could add a version of the app js file to github which includes the incorporation of a form where mint qty can be entered and populated into the claimNFTs function?

  26. Please upload the next video 🙂

  27. Perfect. Thank you

  28. Thank you a lot!!! It's great. However then claiming an nft I get the error: Error: invalid address (argument="address", value=undefined, code=INVALID_ARGUMENT, version=address/5.4.0) (argument="_to", value=undefined, code=INVALID_ARGUMENT, version=abi/5.0.7)

  29. This is Gem for me newbly

  30. Big up bro ! That's a magnificient series you are making 🙂
    Is this possible to switch from ethereum to polygon on your code to reduce fee ? If yes, how ? :p
    Keep burning =)

  31. Hello Sir, thanks for the wonderful video. I was wondering how can i change name “#1” in the metadata / single json into for example “Hashlips #1” so later when i bulk minting via smart contract into opensea the nft name will become Hashlips #1, Hashlips #2, Hashlips #3 and so on, without i renaming it one by one via opensea