Create a Google Classroom Header in Canva

With Canva you can create your own unique headers in no time! Google Classroom lets us upload our very own Headers to personalise the Google Classroom experience for our students. This will in turn help to identify different classes and can be done in less than 5 minutes.

Canva Premium is completely không tính phí to educator so make sure you go and check out

0:00 Intro
0:15 Open Canva
0:40 Create a Custom Design
1:00 Start designing your header
1:20 Using a Template
2:15 Insert Images and elements
3:00 Download the image
3:30 Create a new Google Classroom
3:40 Upload your Header image
4:25 Learn more

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  1. IT works but the banner comes up darker

  2. Canva is my go to for graphic design. I know I could do it with Adobe but the results I get from canva are amazing. Thanks for sharing Sethi!

  3. I did this last year and added animated elements.I then donwloaded it as gif and put it as my classroom header.It made it more lively especially with kids ?

  4. Eagerly waiting for your video… Thanks a lot

  5. Awesome too bad my district is forcing us to use canvas?

  6. This Video is a Great Video, because I have many classes in Google Classroom and many of them have same Headers. This is really helpful to identify classes quickly as you said. Thanks a Lot.

  7. Canva is best platform to design everything. Thank you for your information sir. ?‍?

  8. Great way to personalize banners, really help to differentiate classes when jumping from one online lesson to another.