Create a Journal in Canva to Sell on Amazon KDP | Earn Money in Your Sleep [Templates Included]

A tutorial plus the resources you need to create a journal in Canva to sell on and earn money in your sleep. A lot of beginners who create low-content books struggle with getting the sizing just right and these customizable templates are designed to simplify the process and potentially bring you closer to collecting royalties for your creations! With the templates provided, create notebooks, journals, diaries and many more designs that are 6″x9″ and 100 pages. Happy creating!

☆ 6×9″ COVER Template in Canva –
☆ 6×9″ INTERIOR Template in Canva –

0:00 Hello & Welcome
0:20 What You’ll Need
0:14 Creating a Cover in Canva
5:49 Creating an Interior on Canva

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Canva –
Amazon KDP –


· Create Simple Covers & Interiors [Canva] –
· Coloring Book Pages, KDP Interiors & More [Creative Fabrica] –
· Grow Your YouTube Channel with Keyword Research [TubeBuddy] –
· Boost your views & subscribers on YouTube [VidIQ] –

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  1. Hi, thanks for the videos. I'm also new to kdp. I'm working on increasing the amount of my published items. I also want to do videos on YouTube. If you don't mind thing me what program did you use for the videos and editing??

  2. Thanks, great info!

  3. I'm new to this whole thing but one thing I'd add is that whatever you type on the cover head onto a trademark searcher (preferably the areas your selling to) and double check no ones trademarked the name, I've seen a few people get caught out on that. This is a really helpful video thank you so much for showing us this im subscribing now ❤

  4. Hi how were you able to have an interior document with bleed with canva?

  5. Thank you so much for the canvas templates along with the video, very helpful! 🙂

  6. Very informative video, thank you.

  7. When you were adding the interior pages, you added 99 pages. You mentioned the cover page will make 100. Just to be clear, is the "This book belongs to" page what you were referring to? Thank you.

  8. Just came across your channel. This was great! I am new to KDP and have a few journals listed. I am now trying to master the composition books. I am confused on how far to expand the spine width so it shows on the front and back of the book. Should the spine be a certain width or do you just eye it? Thank you.

  9. How do you delete the writing on the other page of the template? Thank you very much. I have subscribed.

  10. Fantastic thank you!

  11. Thanks. Do you need to have the amazon template cover to start? Or can you do your own cover from scratch depending on size of book? ? If you're creating a 80 page book do you always have to duplicate to get that number? For example, can't you just upload one page and say it has X pages or do you always have to upload a document with the number of pages? ?

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  13. Thank you so much for showing the cover and interior in the same video. You rock!