Create a Journal to Sell on Amazon KDP for không lấy phí

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Creating and publishing KDP no content and low content journals to sell can be a daunting process when you’re just starting out as there is a lot of information to take into trương mục and understand. There are also many tools out there to create and publish books on the Amazon KDP platform and it is difficult to know where to start. In this video I break down the whole process from the creation of a journal to the upload to the Amazon platform. I show you where to find the không lấy phí tools, including Canva, and how to use them, breaking down the whole process into 3 stages – the book cover creation, interior creation and then, finally, the upload to Amazon. If you are trying to start an trực tuyến business or want to create a journal to sell on KDP then this is the perfect start. Journals can be used to make a passive income trực tuyến and can be done using a laptop or computer from home or anywhere in the world.

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00:00 Introduction
02:48 KDP Cover Creation
03:18 Cover Size
07:33 Image Licensing
11:02 KDP Title Rules
13:27 KDP Interior
14:51 Upload to Amazon KDP
16:17 Author Name
17:04 Description
17:38 7 Keyword Boxes
19:18 Categories
21:10 Bleed Settings
22:34 Book Previewer
23:59 KDP Book Pricing

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On this channel I have many không lấy phí videos on how to create and publish KDP Amazon books and build an trực tuyến passive income using your computer from home to create a second or full trực tuyến income. Check out the New to   playlist here: 

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About this video – In this video I show you, from start to finish, how to create a journal to sell for không lấy phí in Canva and then upload it to the Amazon KDP platform.


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  1. Followed you step by step and uploaded my first notebook. Thank you so much for the guidance. You are much appreciated and respected.

  2. Hi Paul, just curious why you don’t use the template download tool actually on KDP website for the covers? Is there something I’m missing? ?

  3. Can I use same interior for notebooks Paul with different cover designs. Is it allowed or not

  4. Thank you Paul!! 🙂
    Greetings from Hungary!

  5. Thanks for all the info!

  6. Thanks for sharing this ,it was really helpful. I am going to try it but ,do you think its better using an investment adviser?

  7. Hi, Paul. I'm Merlin from India. I create my own design journal notebook by your video and I didn't know how to create but I create by canva through your help, Thanks a lot Paul . My Notebook under review. How many days it takes to publish my book. Thanks Paul.

  8. What font size do you use for headings, sub headings etc? Do you have any tips on how to determine if the text size is neither too big nor too small without actually seeing the final printed output ?

  9. As far as " contributors is concerned" in the Amazon page, should you add credits for the cover page source?

  10. Thank you Paul. Great videos. Could you make a video about how to format the book pages if One wants the back of each page blank? Or if you have included this in another of your videos please point me to it.

  11. Great Creativity and Use tutorial but in Amazon post my write book is hard to sell

  12. I’m humbly and appreciative of all you’ve been for my daughter for his hospital bills this a a long way glonhacks on !G you’re the best.

  13. ty ty ty for your most informative videos they have helped me so much along with your very helpful resources. I am waiting on an old Amazon account to close so in the mean time i bone up on everything i can. Many blessings on all this…..Namaste 😀

  14. Thank you! I'm gonna give this a try. I just completed my KDP account.
    How many journals & notebooks do you have listed on KDP that brought in the ~$4.3K for June on this video? Thanks in advance!

  15. I made one of these journals and I've noticed that it has a BSR in a couple categories and in Books, but there are no record of it being sold?! KDP is confusing :/

  16. Thanks as always for your awesome help! I published my first journal about a month ago thanks to you. Ordered an author copy and it’s great quality! I have yet to sell any – did you have trouble getting your first sale? I wish I could see if it has gotten any views… I used your tips for keywords but wondering what else I could do to increase visibility!

  17. Hey Paul, I have followed your advice to create several notebooks, but recently I tried to create a recipe book to expand the business, but amazon sent me an email that it might seem the book contains content that might not be mine. I created the entire notebook, but there are no other ways for heading such as Ingredients and Directions. So, my question is, do I just resubmit the contents and hope for the best? Or should I make necessary changes, i.e. delete the notebook.

  18. Found your channel yesterday you are by far my fave YouTuber right now so informative. Thank you for sharing your skills with us.

  19. I can't get my covers to work

  20. Thank you very much, i published my
    first book since march until now result zéro .I am disoppointed . I watched many vidéo and keep on trying but nothing i am using canva and smartphone i do n't have computer. Please where is the problem? How can i success.

  21. Paul. When I drag the square over and I want to choose the custom colour, there is no colour box for me to go to the place to change the colour. What have I done wrong?

  22. Can you even print that very small size you were holding on amazon? It shows 5”x8” as the default smallest.

  23. Hey Paul I love your videos. I just wanted to hear your input on printful as pod side hustle

  24. Thank you, Paul, for sharing so much information that you could have possibly charged for. I created my kdp account in July last year but all the tutorials I've been watching are like a pain to my brain. I published 4 books today all thanks to you.

  25. Hi Paul, Must I always create a spine with a different color than my cover? I don't want it to appear on the front and the back. so if it is the exact wide as the red spine bleed on the cover template, then won't be visible on the front and the back?