Create Cash Envelopes For không lấy phí Using Canva | Cash Envelope Tutorial

Hi guys! In this video, I’m sharing with you, how you can easily create a cash envelope! In this , I will walk you through from beginning to end creating a pretty cash envelope for you to use and print at home.

If you want to start using for your financial journey but want to save some time, I have cash envelope printables available in my shop at:

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  1. How would you do a checkbook insert for the clear checkbook covers

  2. How do you create the spending tracker on the cash envelope?

  3. Super helpful – thank you!!

  4. This is an extremely difficult video to follow. I have had to replay each one of your verbal and visual directions at LEAST 10 times. I have never used Canva before, and you are speeding through, for example, how to center the drawing when complete. When I do EXACTLY what you show, it puts the flaps into the center of the envelope instead of centering the whole picture. Also, you went very fast through the center text box directions and did not give us best dimensions for that. Way too fast!! When you are preparing to add the pattern, it looks like you are only selecting the bottom third of the design. How do you select the whole design, move the grid "back" (or backwards??), add the design, and the move it "forward"??? Very frustrated!!!!

  5. how do I get the grid to fill into the envelope shapes? it is only going to the background.I can not get it to fill in.

  6. I'm getting stuck about 6 minutes in. For some reason, I can not get the picture/pattern/background to only go where the grid is. Any help you can give on that?

  7. Omg this was one of the best tutorial for cash envelope on canva. So much more easier.

  8. But how sturdy are the envelopes after you’ve printed them out . What kind of paper should be used ?

  9. Thank you, I like your videos. What keeps you going with your YouTube channel?