Creative Tricks to make your Designs Stand Out (Trends 2020) | Learn Canva with Diana Muñoz


In this tutorial, I share 3 simple tricks that you use in your designs so that they get people’s attention. These are also effects that are quite trendy this year:

Repeating text in the background 1:23
Effect of layers in photo 2:23
Bad TV effect in text 4:41

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24 thoughts on “Creative Tricks to make your Designs Stand Out (Trends 2020) | Learn Canva with Diana Muñoz

  1. Vivek T.

    Very impressive btw 👍 .

  2. 2021 New-Normal

    Good day/night Everyone wherever and whoever you are, may all your dreams come true. stay safe and healthy.
    It's not easy If you are a beginner, in fact it's quite challenging but so is anything worthwhile !

  3. Gaganraj Roogi

    Even after selecting image duplicate option is not being shown

  4. Indian Wild Street Cats

    Thank you , loving your videos

  5. Rishita Singh

    What u r making is awesome thumbnail but I needed a video on how to make an awesome poster on animals……but still…thanks it helped me to make awesome thumbnails

  6. Gabriele Di Blasio

    diana this video is shit, canva pro sucks picsart is better

  7. chahrazed oucherif

    Thank u for the video! keep up the good work

  8. Yoominnie

    Hi, thanks for this tip! I am new to Canva and videos like this give me inspiration on other ways that I can make use of this tool!

    I have a question: is it possible on Canva to fill a text with an image? I know that there are default alphabet frames on Canva but they all come in one font, one style. I've been trying to find out if it's possible to sort of, empty the insides of a text (make it transparent maybe), only keep the outline (so that it's like a frame) and overlay an image on it. So for example, right now the "trendy effect" text is in blue-ish, purple-ish colour, but could I overlay an image of a sky so that I can fill it with cloud patterns?

    I wish I could ask this question with some visuals… I wonder if it's.. understandable. Haha! Thanks again!

  9. Dalibor Stojiljkovic

    Very useful, much appreciated.

  10. Ragini epte

    How to download duotone app in canva???

  11. Jonathan Eduri

    Canva is inspiring people, mostly Christians who are not professionals like myself to glorify God through creative media. I just wanted to ask if you both are Christians.

  12. Lisa Fuller

    Can you use this app for blogging?

  13. Lo Más Comentado

    How do I do the copy and paste that fast?

  14. Wanessa Debarros

    Thank you so much!! What is the process to become CCC with Canva ? Thanks in advance

  15. Melvin Sagini

    just learnt a new trick, thanks and i like how you talk, lemme watch more.

  16. Katie and Linda - A Digital Education

    Love the idea of saving a font as an image to then be able to apply effects to it. Thank you for this tutorial 🙂

  17. Beauty Beatdown

    Fantastic! Thanks so much for this information, it really helps with using Canva.

  18. eol leo

    Thank you soo much

  19. Chioma Onwubiko

    Hi. Please how do I embed or lock my fonts using my mobile phone before printing?

  20. Jeanett Neergaard Thøgersen

    Why dont i see The effectbutton?

  21. fifin siringo

    u r beautiful..
    r u married?

  22. Eve Paloma Giusti

    I like how you teach! Im learning so much thank you! 🙂

  23. Eve Paloma Giusti

    Do you guys have instagram?

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