Do Etsy Ads REALLY Work? Learn How To Sell On Etsy, Why Etsy SEO Is Important, My Etsy Ads Strategy

Etsy Mastery Course ◉Explode your Etsy traffic with Pinterest (⇣ Open for Links! ⇣) Do Etsy …

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  3. Hi Nancy, love your videos. I am just getting started selling on etsy (still getting some designs ready to go and nothing posted yet). I am struggling to figure out how to put 2 5x7s into a 8.5×11 in canva – so people can print two printables (for a bachelorette shower, for example) per page and then cut them. Do you have a video on this or can you please provide some guidance? I can't find an answer online anywhere. Thanks!

  4. Hello Nancy. could you make a video explaining to us about paying taxes annually for sales on Etsy? Thanks

  5. I've been watching your videos since my shop launch and they've all been so helpful! Content idea: Look at new shops and give constructive criticism on what they can do to improve their SEO or overall reach on Etsy. I'd love to watch and see what you have to say about them! Shameless plug: Mine is @artwithqstudio haha. Thanks again!

  6. Has anyone else had a huge drop in sales this month? Is it because it's summer or what?

  7. Great tips! I will run ads once I complete my landing page so that I can build an email list in the process

  8. How do we formulate with bullets? I drafted my description in word but when I transferred it over – it was plain text

  9. I love your board message! I started my Etsy shop to help with that! Thanks for all your help!

  10. Thanks Nancy, very useful video as usual. As a new Etsy seller, approximately how many products should we have in our store, before running an ad?

  11. Great job with content. Inspiring and useful!!!

  12. I miss being able to control the price per click.

  13. When I opened my store @PrintsVibes , I ran a few ads but the monthly bill at the end has me thinking if it's worth it. Sales are quite slow

  14. Very informative video! I love your style and you are easy for me to follow and learn from you! Thank you, Nancy! You make me feel like were are old friends!?