Etsy PRINT ON DEMAND Tutorial 2021 | STEP BY STEP Beginner Friendly | Connect Printful to Etsy

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00:00 – Intro
00:28 – What you NEED to know before selling on Etsy 2021
04:56 – My experience with Printful – pros & cons
07:48 – Create an Etsy trương mục
09:32 – Opening your Etsy shop
10:22 – Uploading your first (test) listing – make sure to delete after connecting Printful!
11:56 – Adding production partner (IMPORTANT!)
14:40 – Adding personal information
14:54 – How you’ll get paid out
15:14 – Confirm email
15:24 – Set up billing
15:56 – VAT ID
16:17 – Printful sign up & dashboard tour
18:15 – Product templates
18:56 – Creating our first product template
19:26 – Design tips (very quick walkthrough) – see other video for tutorial
21:57 – Uploading design to Printful & positioning
25:05 – Connecting Etsy store to Printful
25:37 – Adding product to Etsy store
25:54 – Mockup suggestions
28:06 – Printful keyword scout for SEO
28:21 – Trademark checking your tags
29:16 – How to price listings so you don’t lose money and make a profit (IMPORTANT)
32:19 – Printful store settings
32:50 – Printful fulfils orders AUTOMATICALLY once connected
33:11 – Editing listing in Etsy & publishing
37:22 – How long does it take your listing to show up in marketplace?
37:34 – Set up Printful billing
37:52 – Outro (REMEMBER to delete initial listing and customize your shop!)

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  1. Do Etsy seller accounts link with online banks with no physical location? I'm about to start a seller account with an LLC and business bank account and plan to use either NOVO online bank or Chime. Both of which have no physical location (because they are online.) I'm trying to set things up correctly so I don't have issues later which is why I'm trying to find the answer to this. I reached out to Etsy about a week ago asking about this and they still haven't replied. I got an auto reply saying they're experiencing high volume and they'd get back to me but it's still been several days. I can't find this info anywhere including in the help section. When you're setting up a seller account it asks for your banks physical location and NOVO and Chime don't have one. Can someone please help me out with this before I set things up because I want to know what to do before I set up a bank so I don't have to have issues later and change things. How can you link an online business bank to your Etsy seller account and get it verified? I keep hearing a lot of Etsy sellers use these banks as well but Idk how they get around it.

  2. Great work Thanks

  3. You don't have to pay anything if u opened ur shop from an invitation(40 free listing)?

  4. Are you register for vat and what's the deal with it in the pricing plan.

  5. But why is it a problem to log in on your phone to deal with your business on the go while away from home computer

  6. Hi, could you do a review on the affiliate link I have on my YouTube about page

  7. Why did you get your account banned ?

  8. Hi, would you create all your designs in one shop – so if you do T-shirts, would you put cat T-shirts in with fitness T-shirts – as an example – or would you make separate stores?

  9. great, but now I prefer Yoycol to printful higher profit margin

  10. Can we use same design on different print on demand platform??